Sunday, March 29, 2015

She's here!

By March 10, I felt like I had done everything to get girlfriend out. Not that I minded being pregnant at all, but I was scared to go past 41 weeks and be faced with induction, and honestly I just wanted to snuggle her rather than drag her around in my huge belly.

I had walked, I had eaten a whole pineapple, I had eaten spicy food until I thought my heartburn would chew up my esophagus. Still had tons and tons of Braxton Hicks but nothing that was any different than my usual contractions. 

Finally I made an appointment with Dr. Troutman at the chiropractor's office because I remembered that acupuncture was supposed to be a sure thing for kick starting labor.

So there I sat with 13 little needles in my hands, knees, ankles and lower back. After I almost couldn't get my skinny pants up to my knees over my fat calves, oops.  I had two contractions just while sitting there processing that made me go "Hmmmm." They seemed a little different and stronger than the usual shenanigans of my uterus but I didn't want to get my hopes up.

I headed out of there, got myself a breakfast biscuit and a coffee at McDonalds and prepared to remain huge and pregnant for the foreseeable future. 

Here I am at bathtime, still hugely pregnant! 

Finally that night before bed around 11, I started having a little cramping and bleeding and I knew we would have a baby the next day. Dr. Troutman had promised me 12-24 hours and he had been right!

I sent PB on to work the next morning after having more contractions all night. My contractions were still somewhat irregular and only about 6 minutes apart at that point so I figured we had a long time left. 

I sent him some screen shots of my contraction timer which I think got him a little excited and he called me. 

Looking back, I guess I can see why! But I was still able to talk and walk between contractions and even talk a little during them, even though they were very uncomfortable.

I had an OB appointment with Dr. Jones at 10:30 and I had planned to take Ira to the car lot to hang out during my appointment. 

Well, when PB called, Ira woke up and I knew I needed help. Ira needed a diaper change, had spilled dog food everywhere trying to help me feed the weenie was a disaster. I couldn't imagine getting ready and driving myself and him all over town alone.

So he came home, thankfully, and let me get a shower and dressed. I had him take one last belly picture of me since I was afraid they would make me go to the hospital after the doctors office, depending on how easily I could hide my every-3-minutes contractions that were harder and harder to talk through.
I leaned back in the seat with my window down all the way to the doctors office because the breeze felt so good and the white noise of the window down was something to help me relax through contractions.

I had a hard time sitting down in the waiting room and I was moving really slow through the office because fast movements ramped everything up more. Dr. Jones said I was a 2, which didn't surprise me since that's how labor was with Ira. 

I didn't think I could handle toddler antics all afternoon so I asked PB to take me home before he went to pick up Ira and then get lunch and find something for the two of them to do.

I had re-read my natural hospital birth book, especially the part about the length of labor. For some reason after I left the doctors office at 11:15 knowing I was a 2, I decided I didn't want to go to the hospital until at least 6pm. I have NO idea why 6pm was stuck in my mind like someone had told me I wasn't allowed to go until then. But I started thinking about that time every time I had a contraction and at some point I think I was even saying it to myself. 

While I was home alone, I got on all fours over the yoga ball and tried (and failed) to watch an episode of 19 kids and counting in the hopes that the wonders of Michelle's birthing capabilities would inspire me. Then I got in the shower for awhile and that was bearable except I had to stand in our teeny shower stall. So I got out and laid in the hot bathtub for awhile while poor Peggy laid next to the tub looking worried. Phillip came home while I was in the bath and left me a chicken salad sandwich from Chick-Fil-A that I knew I needed to eat but that I had a hard time choking down. I think I got through maybe four bites? He left and took Ira to the park to eat, and I kept trucking on.

Well, I had been home in hell for about 2 hours when I had a Dr. Phil "changing day in your life" moment. I thought "Why am I still here? Why did I want to have a natural birth in the first place? Oh right, because epidurals sabotage breastfeeding. Except my last one didn't at all. And because they stop labor. Except this labor is moving like a freight train and it ain't stopping (and didn't before either). And because epidurals don't work. Except mine did work last time, and it worked really well." And then I still had 6pm in my mind and I thought "I don't WANT to do this crap until 6pm and then still have to go push a baby out in the hospital." 

So while I laid in our bed hunched over a pillow and groaning, I sent PB these frantic texts between contractions. 

 So yes, I was doing a lot of hurting at that point. 

When I got to the hospital they walked me straight back, I guess because of how pitiful I looked. PB tried to get my gown on me in between like five contractions, because he couldn't figure out the snaps and all I could think of was how to breathe. 

The triage nurse checked me and I was surprised to hear I was already a six. I had assumed I wouldn't be that far along yet. I told them once they got me in a labor room that I wanted the epidural and Phillip suggested having my nurse check me one more time before I decided. She said I was already an 8, so I agreed maybe I would wait on the epi. The doctor came in and checked me and said I was 7 and he thought I might shrink to a 6 after my water broke and said I should go ahead and get the epi because I likely had "at least several more hours." So I said ok screw it, I'll take it. Why not?

Keep in mind the whole time I'm going through this process I'm lying on my side squeezing the hands of my poor nurse and PB and eventually mom. The contractions were coming very fast and were SO painful at that point. The only thing that felt mildly good was having Phillip press up on my butt cheeks, as weird as that is. 

The anesthesiologist came in and they had me sit up on the side of the bed and then she starts going on and on about what the epidural is, what she has to do, blah blah blah. I have never wanted to hit someone so badly in my life or at least scream "I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, JUST DO IT." 

They checked me again and broke my water after the epi and he said I was definitely an 8 and didn't shrink. Well fine. So I felt like maybe I could have done it anyway, but darn if I didn't feel a lot better. It took me about 2 more hours of labor to be complete (I think - pretty sure that happened around 5:15). 

And there I am, feeling a lot better. Not looking much better, but feeling better!

PB watched the ACC tourney on TV (though I don't even remember who played because I really didn't care). By the time the 5:00 news was on, I was ready to push.

I couldn't feel a darn thing to push. And I mean nothing. Zero. So this freaked me out a little because when ira was born I could feel contractions, could feel him moving down when I pushed, etc. Then I became one of those weirdos who asked for a mirror. I know, I know. But at least then I could SEE what I was doing rather than just listen to people tell me I was doing a good job (because I didn't believe them). 

It took about thirty minutes to get her out and then we had the super fun "stop pushing while the doctor gets here" moment. I kept saying "but I think she's coming out" and they kept saying "just pant and don't push" and then I kept saying "yeah that isn't working." Finally I heard mom say "I have an ear" and PB said "me too" and meanwhile the doctor has just gotten in the room and doesn't have gloves on and looks like he might be about to panic.

We finally got his gloves on and he grabbed her about .2 seconds before a nurse would have had to. She had the cord wrapped around the back of her head and neck I'm told so he asked for clamps and scissors and I flipped and said "OMG don't cut me!" because I thought I was about to get an episiotomy. He said "I'm not, I'm not" and then they finally got her out and gave her to me! 

Her official time of birth was 5:44pm, so yeah that whole 6:00 plan I had wouldn't have really gone so well. 

They took her away pretty quickly to suction her and not having your baby on you for those first few minutes is pretty awful because she wasn't making any noise for the first few seconds either. 

But I got her back really quickly and I swear she nursed from the time she got out until we got upstairs to our permanent room. 

My whole family turned out to be there very very shortly after she was born, so Ira got to meet her right away and he was so sweet with us. He kept saying "Ira rub mommy's face," and he was such a love.

So that's the story of how we got all 8 pounds, 11 ounces of Frances Estelle into the world on March 11 at 5:44pm!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

35/36 weeks

What fruit are you? 35 weeks was a coconut, this week is a honeydew.  Supposedly she weighs between 4.2 and 5.8 pounds now.  I'd guess she's on the heavier side of that range!

Due Date: March 10, 2015

How far along: 36 + 1 today!

Gender: She better still be a girl since she has pink knobs and a pink bedspread in her room, and a WHOLE lot of pink monograms.

Total weight gain/loss: I'm still holding steady right around 167 these days, or at least I was last week.  Bet I'll have gained some when I see the doctor tonight.  Last time, I was 172 at 38 weeks and this time I started out pregnancy about 10 pounds heavier than with Ira, so I think I've done slightly better on the weight gain.

Swelling: Nope.

Maternity Clothes: So tired of all my maternity clothes for the most part! None of them fit right, either my pants are sliding down underneath my belly and falling off or my belly is hanging out the bottom of my shirt.  Over the clothes situation!

Belly button: Still out. ..WAY out.

Sleep: I'm now usually getting up once a night to go to the bathroom, which is annoying.  But otherwise it's not terrible.  I'm just so tired when I fall into bed that sleep happens fairly easily.

Food Cravings: I was REALLY bad last night and wanted to stop and get ice cream after we went to Longhorn with my parents.  I had a tornado (which is like a Dairy Queen Blizzard) with caramel sauce and butterscotch chips. AMAZING.

Symptoms: So many contractions in the evening.  It's annoying because that's when I need to get work done.  Had some bladder spasms in the past few days since someone likes to wallow her head on my bladder all the time.  Still some heartburn, still hard to get around, but I'll live!

Movement: She's still moving around during her normal times but I can definitely tell she's slowing down and running out of room.  

What I miss: I would really like a cold beer.  

What I'm looking forward to: Weirdly, to getting checked at my appointment tonight.  I know it means absolutely zero because I went from "barely a 1" to "here's your baby" in a space of about 3 days, and other people walk around dilated to a 3/4 for weeks and have to be induced at the end.  But I'm just curious and sort of excited because it means everything is getting really close to being over...not that I want pregnancy to be over, but I am excited to meet this squishy thing!

Big bro pic of the week: 
We had some absolutely amazing 70 degree days last weekend, and Ira and Peggy Sue had a great time chasing sticks in the backyard.  It's getting colder now, and they aren't calling for any snow but I am REALLY hoping for at least one good snow storm before Frances comes, because we haven't had any at all this year!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

34 Weeks

34 weeks exactly this time around....

and 34 weeks exactly with Ira.  

These comparisons are really more for own benefit because they make me feel better when I realize that yes, I was in fact this large last time around! 

What fruit are you? Butternut squash - which according to The Bump, equates to 17.2-18.7 inches and 4.2-5.8 pounds.  

Due Date: March 10, 2015

How far along: Today makes 34 weeks + 1 day!

Gender: Still a girl, even though I haven't seen confirmation of that recently.  But I doubt she's grown any extra parts since we've seen her on ultrasound twice now.

Total weight gain/loss: That stupid scale I have turns itself on at the slightest vibration in the floor, which means that the battery is perpetually freakin' dead.  But last time I was up 1/2 a pound at the doctor's office so that probably puts me up to about 167.  That makes a total of abouta 27 pound weight gain for me so far.

Swelling: Meh, never really an issue for me, thankfully.

Maternity Clothes: We're really to the point where it's uncomfortable for me to wear ANY clothes that aren't PB's giant man t-shirts.  But I can't really wear those to work, so you know, there's that.  I am GIANT.

Belly button: Ira is still ding dong-ing's still out as far as it can go.  And I now officially have the black line up the belly (though it's faint), with the bull's eye around the huge belly button.

Sleep: Getting worse.  The hips, upper thighs, and lower back kill me at night and about 9pm, I start having particularly annoying Braxton Hicks contractions that sometimes go so far as to wake me up at night. I really need my uterus to get the memo that I don't need a dress rehearsal every night, let's save it up for awhile, thankyouverymuch.

Food Cravings: I have been wanting brownies for like a week and I don't even really like brownies! Also I want a huge plate of pancakes with syrup, maybe even the fancy IHOP kind, but I never get them because I try to be super careful about my blood sugar and eat disgusting protein-filled foods only in the morning.

Symptoms: I've broken down and started taking Zantac periodically (though not religiously) again this time.  It's starting to get difficult to bend over, pick Ira up and fold him into that stupid rear facing car seat, pick up the weenie dogs to carry them by Ira's room in the morning so they don't thunder past like a herd of angry elephants...I'm just big and my stomach is somewhere up behind my ribcage, I think.  

Movement: She's been a bit more active the last few weeks, still at her usual mid afternoon and evening times.  She likes to sleep in the morning and I never hear a peep from her before about 11am.

What I miss: Being able to bend over and get something without feeling like my lungs are being compressed.

What I'm looking forward to: My baby shower this weekend! It's going to be so fun!

Big bro pic of the week: 
Ira helped me wash of all Frances' diapers...I just MAYBE went a little nuts buying girly diapers.  And I may have more coming.  I need to get out of all these dang co-op groups!

Ira at the "depot" with Daddy.  That boy loves a good home improvement shopping trip!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

31 weeks...holy crap! How is this happening so fast?

30 weeks + 6 days

31 weeks + 1 day

What Fruit are you? We were a cucumber last week and a pineapple this week.  How she went from a skinny cucumber to a pineapple I will never know, but there you have it. The infinite wisdom at The Bump tells me she is 15.2-16.7 inches long and weighs between 2.5 and 3.8 pounds at this point.
Due date:  March 10, 2015 - technically my ultrasound dates it at March 11 but I keep the March 10 date.
How far along: 31 weeks + 2 days
Gender:  Still a girl!
Total weight gain/loss:  Up to 166 at the doctor's office.  Lost 2 pounds at my last appointment and gained them back at the one I went to yesterday.Stretch marks: Knock on wood, but nothing yet.  Still don't have the black line down the belly this time either.  It staying that way is probably too much to ask for at this point.
Swelling: Nothing significant.Maternity clothes: It's FREEZING here and we had a 2 hour delay at school today because it was so cold.  I'm getting real tired of all my maternity clothes at this point but I refuse to buy anything else because we only have 9 weeks or less to go.  Also, who do they make maternity clothes for? Clearly not pregnant women, because my belly hangs out the bottom of so many of my shirts now.Belly button: Ira loves to poke at it because it's so far out...he loves the "baby button."Sleep: Pretty good lately - Ira gave me several GLORIOUS mornings of sleeping past 8 over break as well as today so that's been great.Food cravings:  I have really been wanting pizza lately!Symptoms:  Slight heartburn but I haven't even taken Zantac this time.  I swear her foot got caught on my ribs the other night as I was repositioning myself on the couch, which was an odd feeling.  Other than that, nothing major at all.  Just can't see anything at all below my belly.Movement: She is really active at night, not nearly so much during the day, which probably means I need to start praying that she will ever sleep at night once she is born.  She does give me some big flips and rolls during one period in the afternoon but otherwise she's extremely quiet during the day.  What I miss:  Being able to reach my toes in order to paint them.What I’m loving:  Not having to be at work this morning until 10:30 and hoping to have another day of the same tomorrow.  I can do this 10:30-4 schedule!What I’m looking forward to: Honestly? Maternity leave and meeting this little girl.  I still love being pregnant so I don't want to wish it away but it's different this time because I already have Ira at home and I know what it's like to be home with a baby.  I am ready to do that again!Big bro pic of the week: 
Ira at the park over Christmas break - you know it's cold when Ira actually agrees to wear a hat, because that usually ain't happening!

My child covered in chocolate pudding pouch, surrounded by empty fruit snack wrappers, talking on the spaghetti box phone in Walmart.  Whatever it takes.

We will count Peggy as the big sister of the week...I set up the swing this week because I want the new and shiny to wear off of it before we actually have to use it with a real baby and Ira turns it into a carnival ride for her.  Peggy has sniffed it thoroughly and now she guards it like a baby will appear there at any moment.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

28 Weeks Today...Hello Third Trimester!

Excuse my crazy's pouring out and also I slept on wet hair.  It's the week before Christmas break, people.  Let's just be happy I'm at work.

28 Weeks With Ira...and apparently this is my "first day of first tri shirt" because it happens be what I wore today too! Crazy!

Marination Time: 28 weeks today and officially into the third trimester.  I'm so sad this pregnancy is coming to a close! Slow down, time!!!!

Feeling: Great since I passed my GD test....but I'm still spot checking my blood sugar and following the diet because I don't want this baby to get any bigger.  Ira actually lifted my shirt the other day, patted my belly and said "Francie big girl!" Thanks, buddy.  Thanks.  

Cravings: Cravings aren't too bad, and so far I'm not having TOO hard of a time following the GD diet.  I'm sure it will be tough at Christmas but I'll make it.  

#2 Compared to #1: Actually looking pretty similar if you ask me, though if anyone else tells me I look bigger this time, I might cut them.

Movement: Feeling kicks more up high now, under my rib cage like Ira used to do.  Hoping that's a good sign that she's moving toward being head down.

Sleep: Well, when my weirdo weenie dog Peggy Sue doesn't wake up with barking and growling while laying on my chest, I do ok.  Also, Ira has taken to waking up some nights at 3, 4, or 5. Or even 6, which is actually the worst because then I never go back to sleep.  He will usually calm down and go back to sleep if I just tuck him back in, but I'm such a crappy sleeper that I can't go back to sleep and then I'm up half the darn night.

Highlight of the Week: It's almost Christmas break!!!!! Praise the Lord and hallelujah.

Big Bro Pic of the Week:
We went to see Santa at the Honeycutt Realty Christmas party...but Ira thinks Santa is a terrorist.  In fact, even getting a picture with Santa while also having me in the frame was not a possibility.  Being within 10 feet of Santa makes Ira feel like he needs to assault Santa.  Oh well, I decided it was probably more important to me than it was to him and let it go.  There's always next year!

Friday, November 14, 2014

24 Weeks

Hi, second child.  I'm sorry I have taken no pictures of you in my giant belly lately, nor have I updated the interwebs about your progress.  But I feel you in there, kicking and punching downward so that it feels like I might have a foot hanging out.  You are not forgotten!
{Planning to take a picture in a bit, but I know if I don't hit "post" now, it will never happen.}

24 weeks with Ira, for comparison purposes.  Apparently November is the month in which I paint my nails brown.  And also I'm regretting cutting my hair, now it's in this weird and awkward in between stage and I just want it to grow back out.  I miss ponytails.  #firstworldproblems
Marination Time: As of Tuesday, I'm 24 weeks.  I cannot BELIEVE we are over halfway to having this baby.
Feeling: A little heartburn-y but not terrible, sometimes limping a bit from the sciatic but not that often, and overall pretty good.  Getting a little anxious about the nursery/guest bedroom setup and how that's all going to work with the new cosleeper I bought off of a facebook yard sale group.  And how the entire room is just exploding in pink clothes and blankets that I need to organize.
Cravings: Nothing really lately, except just giving into whatever I feel like, such as the delicious piece of pumpkin cheesecake I had at lunch today.
#2 Compared to #1: Belly button is out at this point, just like last time.  I think things are honestly pretty similar, movement has gotten crazy except I feel her much lower a lot of times than I felt Ira.  And of course there's the issue that I had NO idea this baby was a girl.  I really thought we would have another boy.  But alas, the gender reveal party came along and we shot pink confetti out of a cannon and I almost fell over.  It took us a little while to come up with a girl name, along with me going through the entire family history of my mom's side of the family and then resorting to to come up with inspiration from all of the church graveyards in our part of the county.  All of those were met with a heartfelt "meh" on PB's part, so they were all scratched off the list.  We came back to Frances, which had always been my girl name, and if we weren't sold on it before, we definitely were after Ira started pointing to my belly and saying "Fwancie"...I die! 

Movement: I feel like I'm getting cervical checks from the inside.  Cut that out, Frances! It doesn't feel any better from the inside than the outside!

Sleep: Feeling good as long as I sleep in my own room/Frances' room.  PB's snoring is off the HOOK lately and I have no patience for my usual headphones + earplugs routine.  

Highlight of the Week: It continues to be rough times a bit around here with all my regular babysitters (i.e. Mimi and Nana) out of commission.  We are so blessed to have found a super sweet lady to take care of Ira and fill in those gaps but babysitter mornings always result in crying, screaming, and laying in the floor before we leave the house because he doesn't want to get up and moving and usually me being late to work.  Also PB has yet another ever-loving fire class, which always makes things triple hard because I don't have another set of hands on deck during the work week.  I am looking forward to maternity leave mainly because my schedule is going to be wide open and I will not have to pack bags, relocate babies, and hope I don't forget who has my child on any given day!

Big Bro Pic of the Week: Ira showing off those gap teeth before his second (much needed) haircut. He doesn't love it but he's ok if you let him play with the squirt bottle.  And he looks a heck of a lot better. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

19 Weeks!

The only photo I have at all from this time range is from wacky tacky day for spirit week.  So here you go, folks! 

What Fruit are you? 17 weeks was an onion, 18 was a sweet potato, and now baby is the size of a mango!
Due date:  March 10, 2015 
How far along: 19 Weeks + 1 day
Gender:  Well, we found out...and it's a.....wait for it....all the way at the bottom.....
Total weight gain/loss:  My scale is broken.  Probably due to my chunky thighs.  I have no desire to fix it.  So I have no idea. I don't wish to know.
Stretch marks: Nope but slathering up the belly in Palmer's, coconut oil, or whatever I can get my hands on.
Swelling: Wedding rings have gotten uber tight.
Maternity clothes: Loving maternity clothes, hating that we are still having 80 degree days in October because I'm burning up.
Belly button: Out! But there's still enough skin at the top part that you can't totally see it through my shirt yet.
Sleep: Trying to drink more water during the day so I'm not thirsty at 9pm, which means I drink 12 liters of water and then get up to go to the bathroom 17 times at night. If I succeed at that, I'm ok!
Food cravings:  Well, we have been planning a trip to the Renaissance Festival and went today, so that's had me with bread bowls on my mind.  I finally got my broccoli cheese bread bowl today!
Symptoms:  Both the headaches and the sciatica have subsided and the heartburn is minimal.  I just have lots of pressure if I stand up too long, like so much pressure I think I might need to check to make sure I don't have feet hanging out or something.  But overall I'm feeling great!
Movement: I feel very occasional flutters and flips, but maybe not even every day.  I have to lie down and be quiet or I usually don't feel much of anything.
What I miss:  Some muscadine wine would be lovely.
What I’m loving:  We put out the Halloween decorations yesterday and I'm so excited! My favorite holiday is on the way!!
What I’m looking forward to: Halloween...Ira is big enough to really "get it" more this year and I'm so excited for him.
Best moment this week: Things are still in a rough patch with Nana's health even though she's been home, and this week has been insanely busy with school stuff, taking Ira to the babysitter, and just trying to survive. BUT last week we did find out what this baby is!  Which was by far the best moment because I desperately needed to know.
So, now for the part you've all been waiting for...
It's a girl!!!!

All of the old wives' tales (for the most part) said boy, and I really have been feeling pretty much the same this pregnancy as last time.  Turns out that's just how I feel when pregnant with any baby, apparently, penis or no penis!

I almost fell over when we shot pink confetti out of that darn cannon, I had been so convinced it was another boy.  It definitely took me a full 48 hours or so for it to even sink in and to be honest sometimes it still hasn't.  I'm so excited but then part of me is a bit more anxious than I think I would have been if it was another boy because I would have felt like I already had all of this down pat.  But also? I love pink clothes.