Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy 3 months, Frances!

Three month stats:
Weight: 16 pounds
Height: Still no clue!

Clothing Size: In onesies and jammies, we are still in 6-9 months but they're pretty tight, 9-12 month fit much better.

Three month happenings and milestones:
This is a picture that might give the false impression that you actually take a paci. Yeah, you don't.  Not even this $7 all natural rubber Ecopiggy one I ordered from Amazon.  Other things you don't take: bottles.  I have NO idea what we will do when I go back to work, but you won't take one from anybody.  For any reason!

Good thing you're really darn cute.  And usually super happy as long as you get what you want!

We took our first trip to the fire department, something I did much earlier with Ira for some reason. Of course they were gone on a call pretty much the whole time we were there, but it still made for a good photo op!

As much as you hate pacis, you absolutely LOVE your swim ring! It looks crazy, I know.  I was skeptical.  Determined that this must be terribly unsafe.  But you played in the pool for 30 minutes and cried when I took you out!  

I am getting better at wrapping and I've found that wrapping is some days the only way to get you to nap for more than ten minutes.

Back to things you dislike: bathing suits.  This is a 9 month bathing suit and all the elastic cuts in at all the wrong places and causes general misery and unhappiness.  I have moved on to putting you in a rash guard and a diaper, or if we're at the lake, just naked.  Ain't nobody got time for uncomfortable bathing suits.  

You have just recently started to tolerate letting Daddy hold you.  I just love this picture of you guys - someone commented on it and said you're holding on like there might be a scary part!

You're still sleeping in the rock and play because Ira is still in the crib and I am just not buying two cribs.  You end up in bed with me in the early morning sometimes anyway after you nurse at 5 or 6.  One of these days we will move you to a crib but it isn't going to be today!

Again, don't let this fool you, it lasted fifteen minutes. But the dock is a pretty good place to catch a nap! You like the sound of the water.

We got a Tula! Oh lord how I love thing.  It is our go to for any trips out of the house.  You've been out of the infant car seat since two months because you're too hot and sweaty in it so I have to wear you (even though I did before anyway).  I love this thing!
We started using the bumbo for a few seconds at a time, but it's hard to cram you in it. You like it though, so we keep doing it!

Just love this sweet face.  And the cheeks! Can't get enough kisses.
Happy 3 months, Frances!

And I have to give a shout out to my big boy! He had to put a sticker on Nana's head at Chick-Fil-A (his favorite).  We have gone through an awful phase where he eats three bites a day and weighs 28 pounds but I figure he'll eat when he gets hungry enough.  He's potty trained now and we just do diapers at night just in case (even though he only has 1-2 accidents a week).  It's pretty awesome not to have to change toddler diapers anymore!  He knows SO many words, speaks in sentences, mimics everything you say, and counts to ten.  But if he's counting off, I think he will always say "1, 2....8-9-10!" It's almost as hilarious as how he can't say "truck" and it sounds like it starts with an F.  I'm going to be sad when he outgrows those two things!