Thursday, April 9, 2015

All 4 of us have lived through the first 4 weeks!

Things are harder but they're fun and they're sweet and we are still alive. Laundry has increased, intestinal gas sounds (of which we already had a surplus have most definitely increased), and the number of minutes I sleep per day has decreased significantly. Also it's a full time job to keep clean underpants for everyone and sufficient food in the house and I have no idea how that'll happen when I go to work in August, but we'll figure that out!

When I put Frances on the floor for tummy time and Ira says "Hey Mom, Ira build pillows, Ira do like Francie does!"...well, it's really sweet and I care a lot less that the dishwasher needs to be emptied again. 

I fully expected her to be the same baby that Ira was, just in pink clothes. But she has her own quirks, like the fact that girlfriend won't even hear of taking a paci. Well, she will, but she needs to think it's her idea and even then it lasts maybe 2 minutes.

I have now taken a picture both times she's agreed to hold it in her mouth herself for more than three seconds because I'm just so shocked she hasn't spat it back at me with a look of disgust. Why would you take a paci when mama is the human paci? 

I can't put enough stuffing in a cloth diaper to keep dry clothes on the girl for more than an hour, ever.  With the exception of stuffing a pocket diaper with a prefold and a microfiber insert and covering it with wool pants all night long.  Crazy.

She does sleep better at night than Ira did, except maybe also my approach has just changed? I've just left the bed in her "nursery" and attached a cosleeper to it and us girls sleep in there at night.  When PB works, I have a little bassinet that goes in the bed that she sleeps in if we want to stay up and watch TV (plus mama likes the big cushy master bed mattress).  The cosleeper works great though - why did I think I should get up and sit in a rocker to nurse every two hours at night and then change wet diapers? We just nurse all night, wear wool pants and worry about a clean diaper in the morning.  There is no getting out of the bed, ever! So even when I do need to be up nursing, I'm only half conscious and it's lovely.

If we go shop (which I don't do nearly as often with two kids because it wears me out), then Ira rides the cart (or walks if it's a SUPER short trip).  Frances goes in the ring sling or maybe the woven wrap.  I have a double stroller for walks and she might ride in it about half the time and the other half, I wear her, especially for a short walk.
We didn't have a one month pediatrician appointment, I suppose because they figure since I kept the first one alive, I can last two months with the second one.  And in true second child fashion, I don't honestly know how much she weighs - I think somewhere in the 12 pound range.
I absolutely love having two - I get less done but I love seeing those two look at each other and I can tell they're going to be good friends someday soon.