Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some news...

We are pregnant again!  Yep, Ira is going to be a big brother to a new little person due March 10, 2015.  Last time, I was due March 5 so the little folks will be almost exactly 2 years apart.  We were going to wait and try to have kiddos 3 years apart, but PB and I sort of decided all of a sudden that we both felt like 3 years is too long to wait.  We want them to be buddies (even though I know they'll give each other a few black eyes over the course of things).  Two years just seemed like a better time, so a few weeks later we found out we were having another little friend!  I'm seven weeks as of yesterday and haven't been to the OB yet, but I figure now is as good a time as any to start weekly pregnancy updates.  I so loved having these with Ira! 
What Fruit are you? Oh, the fun fruit question.  This week, baby is a blueberry!
Due date:  March 10, 2015 (Ira was due March 5 but I went into labor at 39 weeks and he was born February 27, so I'll be interested to see what happens this time around!)
How far along:  7 weeks
Gender:  No ideas at this point! 
Total weight gain/loss:  I've lost about a pound (though I'm still up 10 pound from my prepregnancy weight with Ira...such is life).
Stretch marks: No, and hoping I can avoid them again. Fingers crossed!
Swelling: None.
Maternity clothes: I'm not showing at all yet (just have residual baby weight from last time) so everything pretty much still fits.
Belly button: In for now.
Sleep: I've been having crazy dreams about twins and having babies in a sailboat and all manner of insanity.  And when I'm not dreaming, I can't sleep!
Food cravings:  The other day I had to go immediately to Jimmy John's for an Italian Nightclub sub and it was amazing.  And I'm already thinking about another one. Other than that, I've been eating a lot of fruit, just like last time.  Also I made PB go get me a witch doctor from What-a-Burger the other day, which I haven't had in years!
Symptoms:  I've been slightly more nauseous this time than last, and I find I wake up feeling a little gross but I get better as soon as I get some food.  I need to eat every few hours but otherwise I'm doing ok!  I've also been really tired, which I think is exacerbated by chasing a crazy toddler.
Movement: To be honest, I've been feeling some little strange flutters here and there.  But then I convince myself it's just gas and move along.
What I miss:  I do miss a nice cold beer every now and again.  And not feeling gross and exhausted!
What I’m loving:  Being home with Ira this summer! We have been to the beach, the lake, the splash pad, toddler story time at the library, and the park.  I absolutely love this age - he's so much fun to play with.
What I’m looking forward to:  Our first appointment next Thursday to hopefully see this peanut!
Best moment this week: Taking Ira to the park and watching him climb on the equipment and slide all by himself!