Wednesday, February 11, 2015

35/36 weeks

What fruit are you? 35 weeks was a coconut, this week is a honeydew.  Supposedly she weighs between 4.2 and 5.8 pounds now.  I'd guess she's on the heavier side of that range!

Due Date: March 10, 2015

How far along: 36 + 1 today!

Gender: She better still be a girl since she has pink knobs and a pink bedspread in her room, and a WHOLE lot of pink monograms.

Total weight gain/loss: I'm still holding steady right around 167 these days, or at least I was last week.  Bet I'll have gained some when I see the doctor tonight.  Last time, I was 172 at 38 weeks and this time I started out pregnancy about 10 pounds heavier than with Ira, so I think I've done slightly better on the weight gain.

Swelling: Nope.

Maternity Clothes: So tired of all my maternity clothes for the most part! None of them fit right, either my pants are sliding down underneath my belly and falling off or my belly is hanging out the bottom of my shirt.  Over the clothes situation!

Belly button: Still out. ..WAY out.

Sleep: I'm now usually getting up once a night to go to the bathroom, which is annoying.  But otherwise it's not terrible.  I'm just so tired when I fall into bed that sleep happens fairly easily.

Food Cravings: I was REALLY bad last night and wanted to stop and get ice cream after we went to Longhorn with my parents.  I had a tornado (which is like a Dairy Queen Blizzard) with caramel sauce and butterscotch chips. AMAZING.

Symptoms: So many contractions in the evening.  It's annoying because that's when I need to get work done.  Had some bladder spasms in the past few days since someone likes to wallow her head on my bladder all the time.  Still some heartburn, still hard to get around, but I'll live!

Movement: She's still moving around during her normal times but I can definitely tell she's slowing down and running out of room.  

What I miss: I would really like a cold beer.  

What I'm looking forward to: Weirdly, to getting checked at my appointment tonight.  I know it means absolutely zero because I went from "barely a 1" to "here's your baby" in a space of about 3 days, and other people walk around dilated to a 3/4 for weeks and have to be induced at the end.  But I'm just curious and sort of excited because it means everything is getting really close to being over...not that I want pregnancy to be over, but I am excited to meet this squishy thing!

Big bro pic of the week: 
We had some absolutely amazing 70 degree days last weekend, and Ira and Peggy Sue had a great time chasing sticks in the backyard.  It's getting colder now, and they aren't calling for any snow but I am REALLY hoping for at least one good snow storm before Frances comes, because we haven't had any at all this year!