Friday, November 14, 2014

24 Weeks

Hi, second child.  I'm sorry I have taken no pictures of you in my giant belly lately, nor have I updated the interwebs about your progress.  But I feel you in there, kicking and punching downward so that it feels like I might have a foot hanging out.  You are not forgotten!
{Planning to take a picture in a bit, but I know if I don't hit "post" now, it will never happen.}

24 weeks with Ira, for comparison purposes.  Apparently November is the month in which I paint my nails brown.  And also I'm regretting cutting my hair, now it's in this weird and awkward in between stage and I just want it to grow back out.  I miss ponytails.  #firstworldproblems
Marination Time: As of Tuesday, I'm 24 weeks.  I cannot BELIEVE we are over halfway to having this baby.
Feeling: A little heartburn-y but not terrible, sometimes limping a bit from the sciatic but not that often, and overall pretty good.  Getting a little anxious about the nursery/guest bedroom setup and how that's all going to work with the new cosleeper I bought off of a facebook yard sale group.  And how the entire room is just exploding in pink clothes and blankets that I need to organize.
Cravings: Nothing really lately, except just giving into whatever I feel like, such as the delicious piece of pumpkin cheesecake I had at lunch today.
#2 Compared to #1: Belly button is out at this point, just like last time.  I think things are honestly pretty similar, movement has gotten crazy except I feel her much lower a lot of times than I felt Ira.  And of course there's the issue that I had NO idea this baby was a girl.  I really thought we would have another boy.  But alas, the gender reveal party came along and we shot pink confetti out of a cannon and I almost fell over.  It took us a little while to come up with a girl name, along with me going through the entire family history of my mom's side of the family and then resorting to to come up with inspiration from all of the church graveyards in our part of the county.  All of those were met with a heartfelt "meh" on PB's part, so they were all scratched off the list.  We came back to Frances, which had always been my girl name, and if we weren't sold on it before, we definitely were after Ira started pointing to my belly and saying "Fwancie"...I die! 

Movement: I feel like I'm getting cervical checks from the inside.  Cut that out, Frances! It doesn't feel any better from the inside than the outside!

Sleep: Feeling good as long as I sleep in my own room/Frances' room.  PB's snoring is off the HOOK lately and I have no patience for my usual headphones + earplugs routine.  

Highlight of the Week: It continues to be rough times a bit around here with all my regular babysitters (i.e. Mimi and Nana) out of commission.  We are so blessed to have found a super sweet lady to take care of Ira and fill in those gaps but babysitter mornings always result in crying, screaming, and laying in the floor before we leave the house because he doesn't want to get up and moving and usually me being late to work.  Also PB has yet another ever-loving fire class, which always makes things triple hard because I don't have another set of hands on deck during the work week.  I am looking forward to maternity leave mainly because my schedule is going to be wide open and I will not have to pack bags, relocate babies, and hope I don't forget who has my child on any given day!

Big Bro Pic of the Week: Ira showing off those gap teeth before his second (much needed) haircut. He doesn't love it but he's ok if you let him play with the squirt bottle.  And he looks a heck of a lot better.