Friday, July 31, 2015

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy 4 months, Frances

Four Month Stats:
Height: I still don't know, we don't go back to the pediatrician until the end of the month.  I don't think you're as long as your brother was at this age though (and he was 26 inches).
Weight: 18 pounds!!!  The chubbiness is so cute it kills me.
Clothing Size: You have to have 6-12 months in gymboree, footed pj's don't work because you're too short and chubby and none of the sizes fit right, and you have to have 12 months in 2 piece jammies because the smaller ones leave seam marks.  And otherwise Mimi just makes you giant pillowcase type dresses.

Four Month Milestones, Highlights & General Happenings

You hit the four month sleep regression pretty much right on the dot and now my baby who at least used to sleep all night and maybe get up once at 5am and go right back to sleep in her bed after nursing is no longer interested in that.  So we lie in bed and we nurse.  All night long, friend. All. Night. Long.  I worry if you nurse anymore you're going to explode.  But you won't take a paci, so here we are!

You've been rolling over since 2 1/2 months, and your brother didn't do it until 4 months - you're STRONG.  It's pretty impressive you can stand up pretty well and support all the chubbiness and you really like to!  I haven't gotten the exersaucer out of basement yet but I plan to this week so you can try it out!

We have been going to the lake a lot and you love the water - you're pretty heavy to wear in the wrap so I just get on  float and hold you in my arms.  Bathing suits make you mad because even the 9-12 month sizes are too small, so you just wear a swim diaper and a rash guard, or sometimes just sunscreen and no clothes at all if we are at the lake!

You smile on command, you love mirrors, someone else smiling at you, and especially any time your brother plays with you.  Ira loves to get down on the playmat with you and shake your toys for you.  

I go back to work one month from tomorrow and I am so worried about what happens then!  You won't take a bottle from anybody - not me, not your daddy, not from Mimi.  I have like 5 different kinds and you hate them all.  I seriously have no idea what we are going to do with you when I go to work, because not only will you not take it, it just plain makes you mad.  

Because it is 11:26 and because it's 2 weeks after your 4 month birthday and because your mama is tired, I'm including a good old fashioned photo dump.  

I'm trying out all sorts of fun carries with the wrap - for some reason the wrap means instant sleep for you, so I use it a ton! This picture was taken at the tail end of our beach trip (your very first one!)

Speaking of the beach - this was our setup for beach napping.  It was a great day on Ocean Isle because Francie-Who-Does-Not-Nap took a great nap for me.  I think it was all the magic ocean sounds.  Worked great!

I took this picture because I felt it was pretty insane that you were wearing 12 month jammies because the others are so tight they leave seam marks!

I love this picture of you guys with Nana! And it is so easy to get you to smile for the camera - you're a sucker for a good picture.

We spent your first 4th of July at the lake of course, since it was Mimi's birthday.  Here you are in the monogram dress she made you! We called you Francie Doodle Dandy all day.

I just can't get over the fat rolls!

I forgot to mention that you had an awful cold for about two weeks this month. Absolute misery.  In fact you were coughing so much that this picture is from Grand Strand Peds at the beach!  I called the doctor and they said to take you in because I was worried you had pneumonia.  You didn't, but you know, what's a good beach trip without a trip to the pediatrician?

Again - fat rolls.  I love it.

I think you felt so crummy at the beach that you gave us all a hard time, but you became Daddy's buddy.  You'd be super happy in the Tula with him for a long time!

Daddy with both babies - best double stroller you can find!

Another wrap nap.  I heart this wrap.  And those cheeks.

How we get chores done.

Big brother beach picture - pretty excited about the crab...but you know, not excited enough to actually touch it!