Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy 2 months, Frances!

Two month stats:
Weight: 14 pounds and some change by the bathroom scale (we don't go to the doctor until the 25th)
Height: No clue - I can't measure babies worth a darn

Clothing Size: 6-9 months fit pretty snugly!

Two Month Events and Milestones

Frances can grab some of the toys on the playmat hanging above her and she can roll from front to back really easily.  She can also roll from back to side/almost front with a little more effort.  Every time I put her to bed on a flat surface she works herself over to her side.

She fits in the jumpseat of the Phil and Teds stroller now, so greenway and lake walks have been fun! We took her to the lake for the first time and she did well in her Rock n Play and on the dock.  I can't wait to get her in the water! 

She doesn't sleep so great during the day, especially if we're at home - if we're out and she's being worn around some ambient noise, she does a lot better.  But the car seat screaming has been pretty miserable - it was lasting from the time the butt hit the seat until 10 minutes after we had gotten to our destination.  I had to wash the infant seat cover due to it having 8 gallons of baby pee in it and put the convertible Britax Clicktight in and found the magic bullet by accident.  Car seat screaming has now been reduced by about 90%! I think your big tail was just hot and uncomfortable wedged in that seat.

She's starting to get too big for the swing already - I can't imagine we'll still be putting her in it at all by 3 months.  I'm dreading the day that we need to put a crib up because I am loving the cosleeper and rock n play and sleeping together! It just makes life so much easier.  She's been sleeping from 10ish (sometimes a good bit later) until 5 or 6 a lot of nights.  Sometimes she still gets up around 2 but it isn't consistent. 

Oh my goodness, when I look back at Ira's monthly posts, I realize how badly we have second child syndrome here.  But there is so much work involved in having a two year old AND a baby that it's crazy how much less I document.  It's also crazy how much less emotional and frankly, completely insane I am.  I remember panicking when Ira was a baby that I might forget what date we first went to Walmart that he didn't sleep through it.  Really? Now I'm just glad we all lived through Walmart and no one screamed more than 28% of the time or peed on their clothes.  

But I still have to do the obligatory photo dump!

The ways in which she resembles the owl on her shirt just crack me up.

We got all fancy to go to our friend B's baby shower! 

I love watching Ira try to play with Frances and include her.  Even if it means yelling "Dadasoaurs biting Francie's head!"

She usually rolls over when I put her like this, so admiring the glorious fat rolls from this angle is hard!

The splash pad close to our house opened up and we have been there twice now.  Ira LOVES it!

Our first foray into tandem wearing - Ira has been SO good about not being jealous but he did ask to be worn on a walk, so I said what the heck? Let's just strap both of you to me! It was actually pretty nice except that in ANY carrier Frances likes to flex her head back as far as possible.  I say "Just snuggle!! For the love of all that is holy, just snuggle, darn it!"

I can't get enough of the chub.

Ira was pitching fits every single time I changed his diaper, so it took me two pretty intense days of not leaving the kitchen/bathroom and then about a week of treating him like a new puppy...but he pretty much is potty trained now except for the occasional random accident every few days! He's still wearing diapers for nap and night, but he's pretty much over it and won't hear of wearing diapers during the day for any reason.

These SMILES - girlfriend smiles with her whole face and I just love it.

Other things I love? These cheeks!! Even if there's still not usually a paci in front of them.

Things I love more than that? All of the ROLLS!

Another rare wrap snuggle while we walked around the neighborhood.

Frances' first trip to church! Church tends to make her hungry, but I was proud of myself for nursing IN the service for the first time.

I had to throw in this one of when we went to visit Nana at the concrete plant where she works in the office.  Ira was having a ball with the copy paper and pens that I wouldn't dare let him touch at home.

Probably my favorite of all - I can now bathe these 2 together and it's so sweet.  Ira wants to wash Frances and Frances looks at him like he's her hero.  It kills me!