Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy 6 Months, Ira B!

Mama gets later and later doing these things, but this three graduate school classes plus a new job plus an Ira B who doesn't sleep has me feeling like I'm in survival mode all the time!

But at the same time, every age you hit is my new favorite, and I love this one!  You're so much fun. You laugh, you smile, you grab at things, and I just love it.

6 Month Stats:
Height: 28" (90%)
Weight: 17 pounds, 10 oz (50%)
Clothing Size: I can squeeze you into 9 months but they're tight!  12 month is pretty much your size.

6 Month Milestones, Highlights, and General Happenings

You started baby led weaning the week before you turned 6 months old.  We gave you roasted sweet potato with olive oil at the lake and you loved it!

You're getting better and better at sitting up, so much so that you can sit in a shopping cart all by yourself!  Though you really will only tolerate it for about 10 minutes before I have to wear you (which I don't mind), it's pretty darn cute.

You're starting to like hanging out in your stroller more if we go out, and you love your big activity station we can attach to it.

Sometimes I call you Mike Teavee because you love anything on tv.  Your particular favorites are The Chica Show and Sesame Street.  You'll stop what you're doing and turn yourself almost upside down if necessary in order to watch.

You're doing such a good job sitting up!  I'm kind of excited for you to be able to do it independently even though I don't want you to grow up.  You just love sitting and playing and I think you'll have so much fun when you can do it all on your own.

In the meantime though, we still love the work station.

You especially like the $15 craigslist work station we put at the lake, even better than your brand new expensive one.  Go figure.

You got your first tooth on August 22.  I was off at one of my first teacher workdays and you stayed with Mimi at the lake.  Next thing I knew, you'd popped through a lower bottom tooth!  Teething makes you so sad.  That was the best expression I got out of you all weekend.

You got your second bottom tooth exactly a week later, again while Mimi kept you at the lake.  And I think you're working on more...will it ever end?

But swimming helps!  You just love to swim.  You actually like it best with no float at all - you'd rather just paddle through the water with me.

BLW continues to be an epic success.  You love MEAT.  Chicken, ribs, pork chops, hamburger, you name it. It's a clear favorite.

You still like boat rides too!

You can actually sit up in a restaurant high chair (tried it for the first time at Jersey Mike's) and you even ate some peppers, onions and chicken from my fajitas at Mi Pueblo.

We went to see Daddy at work and eat supper.  You were teething and sad but still excited to hang with Daddy!

This little sweetness falling asleep just kills me.  I hold you to sleep a lot because you don't like to be put down to sleep and you don't generally sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time at night, max.  Where's my good newborn sleeper?  Not here, I tell you!

You still love the bathtub and as of tonight, you're actually able to sit up well enough that I can bathe you without the bath seat.  If I keep one hand on you, you can just sit in the sink!

I started school and we did our first of many back to school photos.  I cried the whole first week even though I love my new job.  I just miss you!

We get lots of snuggles when I'm home though.

And you continue to be excited about new foods.

You recognize people and smile and laugh when you see someone you've missed.  That makes me cry when I come home from work!  And right now just thinking about it...

You always hold one foot while you nurse.  Sometimes you look up at me and smile and coo, and it's so unbearably sweet.

You love to hold my hand to fall asleep and even in your sleep, you don't want me to take it away.

I still love to wear you in the Ergo and the ring sling and I try to wear you as much as I can when I'm home because I miss being with you during the day.

Your favorite thing to do is grab people's faces, rub cheeks, and bury your head in someone's chest.  And my favorite thing to do is nuzzle your nose with mine and kiss those big cheeks and the little soft places around your neck.  

Mama loves you so much, sweet buddy!