Monday, July 30, 2012

9 weeks!

So as it turns out, I think most people don't do these every week before 12 weeks because guess what folks, there just ain't much going on.  I'll count myself lucky that I'm not throwing up (not at all, not even a little bit).  But actually, I've lost 3 pounds since the last weekly photo we took - there's no baby belly to speak of as of yet.  I'm sure I'll make it to walrus status here directly, but right now? Nada.

PB has been working nonstop because of a lot of mess going on at his job, so that's made summer break a little bit of a drag in some ways.  Literally, he's worked every single day for at least 12 hours since July 1st - sometimes he even packs clothes and just stays the night. So that translates into a lot of Netflix and Kindle time for me because there just ain't much else to do and I've been tired enough to use it as an excuse to ride the couch a lot. Exciting times!

Thoughts on the Weekly Photo: Belly? Baby? Is she making this up? Also I just came back from a very sweaty walk with the weenies, so I'm sparing you my sweaty face and gummy hair.

Marination time: 9 weeks

Weight Gain: -3 pounds.  I don't know why, because all I do is feed my face.  ALL the time.

Clothes: Clothes all fit, except I've relegated myself to the Wal-Mart stretchy bras I bought, and a new Target bra I bought in an ungodly size.

Fruit of the Week: We're at green olive size this week!

Name: I have lots of opinions about baby names and I can just about guarantee you won't like 'em.  I've gotten lots of snuffling laughs at my baby names, which is cool...but come on guys, what did you expect from a girl who names wiener dogs Peggy Sue and Brenda Lee?

Moving: The Bump tells me it can, but obviously I ain't feeling any of that said movement yet.

Sleep: Sleep is hit and miss.  Some nights I sleep like a rock, other times I wake up 40 times to go the bathroom, other times I've lazed about too much all day and don't sleep at night.  But daytime tiredness is a recent development that blows my mind.  Today, for example, I was so tired I felt like I had the flu.  I actually TOOK A NAP.  I don't take naps.  I've even been quoted as saying, "Naps are for lazy people."  Wow, times are changing.

Cravings: I feel like this week's cravings have been brought to us by the letter P.  Peaches, pineapple, pretzel thins. I'm out of peaches and down to one can of pineapple...this might be a problem.  

Annoyances: Still have amazing, unquenchable thirst all the time, especially at night.  I can't stand meat.  PB eats two hot dogs for breakfast every morning (yes, I'm aware that's not normal) and now the smell of hot dogs at any time makes my stomach flip.  The thought of eating a meatball, a piece of sausage, a steak or a piece of chicken makes my lip curl.  When I cook, I'm basically making two meals - something with meat for PB and a lot of side items for myself. I can handle it if it's all mixed in to something, like maybe chicken and dumplings with just a chicken taste - I just can't bear the thought of chewing up meat.

Highlights of the week: We're going to the beach for a few days toward the end of the week, so I'm excited about that! Otherwise, I have been mostly laying here like a lump.  There's been a lot of Olympic-watching though because I completely adore the Olympics! Oh, summer break and having no responsibilities...