Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I have promised which I have not delivered.

Pictures from the house! Admittedly, not the entire house, but still, the house. Also they are from PB's iPhone, as my camera charger has gone missing in the move, as well as my camera cord, which is incredibly frustrating. Hopefully it will turn up soon. Both of those things.

Here's the living room:

living roomliving room 2

Here's the master bath...I'm ordering a comforter set from Target that's the same as the shower curtain because I am just so in love with the shower curtain. Perhaps this is an extreme old-lady move, but I can't help it. I am checking the front porch with rabid anticipation daily...pictures of the master bedroom (which is green!) when the blessed delivery arrives.

master bathmaster bath 3

Here's the dining room, which is basically part of the living room, since it's all open. Fun fact: the big wooden piece of furniture was made by my great-great-grandfather. I <3>

dining room

We did in fact go to the Panthers' game, which was disappointing, as are all of their games it would seem. Oh wells, I had fun anyway, as we all I know how little I generally care about football. But I did manage to find a perfect Panther-blue top in my closet, so A+ to me in the costuming department.

Panthers Game

Fall has definitely fallen here in NC - I am probably the only person who dislikes this, but I do. Sure, the weather is lovely (and really that's a stretch, because I hate it being 48 degrees in the morning). But fall is just a reminder that winter is coming, and I hate hate hate winter. Depressing. I do like delicious pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, however, perhaps the one fall element I am pleased about.

Or wait, I take that back, I am also excited about Halloween. Am throwing a gigantic, epic party. I need good costume ideas for me and PB, however. I thought about being a bee and dressing him up as a beekeeper (got the beekeeper idea from Martha Stewart's magazine, it's so cute). I went to Party City and tried on a variety of whoretastic bumblebee costumes though, and I pretty much look like a yellow and black striped sausage in both of them, so the bee/beekeeper idea will likely have to be abandoned.

Also, why did I not think of making a craigslist-only email? I am trying to sell some of my old furniture, which really needs to stop cluttering up my garage, but I have gotten roughly 38489202 emails that are like, "Do you still have it?" Awoeifjawoigjewoirr, is how I feel about that. I have someone hopefully coming to pick up a white cabinet tonight, so if I turn up murdered, you'll know it was due to sketchy craigslist activities.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So as I said, I got free tickets to the Panthers game tonight, and though I am really not a football fan, I am actually excited. Mainly because:

1) Football is an excellent excuse to drink beer and eat nachos. And as PB is in what's basically the police academy right now, he's not supposed to be drinking at all, which means he is driving meeee.

2) They sell excellent nachos at Bank of America stadium.

3) I enjoy making commentary on the teams' costumes. And yes, I call them costumes, and yes, PB hates this, but I continue to do it.

Link of the day for your viewing pleasure:


Might be moving in this weekend! Will post pictures if that happens.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

bad and good

Why am I not one of those perpetually organized people who makes constant lists of everything, knows where all their stuff is at all times and somehow remain hyper-focused? Or at least has one of those qualities, as I seem to have none.

Exhibit A: blogging while I'm in the library at the law school, while I should be reading for my class this afternoon, or Lord knows, for my classes tomorrow.

Perhaps it is not helpful that the library is packed and thus the carrel I got is right to an awkward loud-breather, and okay, so maybe he can't help it, but I cannot stand loud breathing. Makes me want to punch people.

I just cannot remain focused after the first week of classes, for some reason. It makes me want to start surfing the internet constantly, playing this awesome Mario game I found:


Okay, .

Things to be excited about:

1. Tomorrow is my version of Friday. No Friday classes means perpetual 3 day weekends!

2. PB and I got tickets to the Panthers game tomorrow night courtesy of my uncle who is a fancypants lawyer (the sort of lawyer I will never be, but still admire.)

3. Tonight is 3 for the price of 2 sushi rolls at Wasabi! Oh gosh delicious. I previously was one of those people who was okay with sushi, so long as it wasn't raw, but accidentally ordered something I didn't realize was raw last time I went, ate it anyway and loved it. If you have a fear of that, conquer it. Stuff is fabulous.

4. The county fair starts next week! Which means I get to eat my traditional fair menu (roasted corn, fried okra, elephant ears, candy apples, fudge) and do my favorite activities (watching the ducks slide down the duck slide, riding the swings, watching the pig races). Yayyyy.

19 Kids and Counting

So I will confess: I love the Duggars. You know, those crazies with 18 kids. And today, on the Today Show, as I was putting on makeup, I nearly jammed my mascara wand into my eye because they were on with a "surprise" - they are having kid number 19. Now I have seen lots of ranting and such about how irresponsible this is, how insane they are, how ridiculous 19 kids is, and every part of me wants to agree with this. But I cannot help but like the Duggars.

Seriously, on the show, Michelle Duggar was just asked, "If you had 5 minutes with Barack Obama, what would you tell him?" And as I have heard every horrible, racist, close-minded comment you could ever imagine regarding the president, I almost hit the floor when all she said was (in the most sincere tone I may have ever heard), "Well I would just want to tell him that we are praying for him and his family. That's such a huge responsibility for anyone, especially someone with a family." Which of course, that's not a direct quote, but come on. Clearly they are the most conservatively crazypants family in the world, but she can still say something sweet and nice about someone I'm sure she didn't vote for? I'm not sure I could have been that nice about John McCain. I at least would have gone on one of my crazy tirades about healthcare or something.

Not to mention, this woman who has been pregnant for like 900 years, is standing in the metro on their vacation to DC, during rush hour, and she is calmly telling her kids that they need to be polite and let everyone else get off the train before they get on. And her kids are polite! They are well-behaved! What a novel concept! It's certainly more than I can say for Jon and Kate Plus 8 and that train wreck they have going on. Or really, for most families I see with their children running through the grocery store like a herd of wild goats on acid.

I sure ain't saying that I believe birth control makes the baby Jesus cry or that I want 19 kids or anything, but it is just amazing to me how darn pleasant they all are. All 21 of them. Always. So A+ of the day to the Duggars...if you did it all this time with 18 kids, hey, what's one more.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One room down, lots of rooms to go

So all of my everything is still pretty much sitting in a big smelly box truck in the backyard of my parents' house because the painter is slow as Christmas and is still not done. WHY DOES HE NEED TO SLEEP? WHO WANTS PART OF A SUNDAY OFF? I DON'T GET IT.

At any rate, I have one "room" down, that being the screened porch. I've decided it's going to be the site of at least weekly "Sideways on the Side Porch" festivities, as it broke in quite well for that purpose last Friday night.

You ready? I love it!! (So clearly you should as well.)

shephard 004shephard 002shephard 003