Wednesday, September 2, 2009

bad and good

Why am I not one of those perpetually organized people who makes constant lists of everything, knows where all their stuff is at all times and somehow remain hyper-focused? Or at least has one of those qualities, as I seem to have none.

Exhibit A: blogging while I'm in the library at the law school, while I should be reading for my class this afternoon, or Lord knows, for my classes tomorrow.

Perhaps it is not helpful that the library is packed and thus the carrel I got is right to an awkward loud-breather, and okay, so maybe he can't help it, but I cannot stand loud breathing. Makes me want to punch people.

I just cannot remain focused after the first week of classes, for some reason. It makes me want to start surfing the internet constantly, playing this awesome Mario game I found:

Okay, .

Things to be excited about:

1. Tomorrow is my version of Friday. No Friday classes means perpetual 3 day weekends!

2. PB and I got tickets to the Panthers game tomorrow night courtesy of my uncle who is a fancypants lawyer (the sort of lawyer I will never be, but still admire.)

3. Tonight is 3 for the price of 2 sushi rolls at Wasabi! Oh gosh delicious. I previously was one of those people who was okay with sushi, so long as it wasn't raw, but accidentally ordered something I didn't realize was raw last time I went, ate it anyway and loved it. If you have a fear of that, conquer it. Stuff is fabulous.

4. The county fair starts next week! Which means I get to eat my traditional fair menu (roasted corn, fried okra, elephant ears, candy apples, fudge) and do my favorite activities (watching the ducks slide down the duck slide, riding the swings, watching the pig races). Yayyyy.

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