Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I have promised which I have not delivered.

Pictures from the house! Admittedly, not the entire house, but still, the house. Also they are from PB's iPhone, as my camera charger has gone missing in the move, as well as my camera cord, which is incredibly frustrating. Hopefully it will turn up soon. Both of those things.

Here's the living room:

living roomliving room 2

Here's the master bath...I'm ordering a comforter set from Target that's the same as the shower curtain because I am just so in love with the shower curtain. Perhaps this is an extreme old-lady move, but I can't help it. I am checking the front porch with rabid anticipation daily...pictures of the master bedroom (which is green!) when the blessed delivery arrives.

master bathmaster bath 3

Here's the dining room, which is basically part of the living room, since it's all open. Fun fact: the big wooden piece of furniture was made by my great-great-grandfather. I <3>

dining room

We did in fact go to the Panthers' game, which was disappointing, as are all of their games it would seem. Oh wells, I had fun anyway, as we all I know how little I generally care about football. But I did manage to find a perfect Panther-blue top in my closet, so A+ to me in the costuming department.

Panthers Game

Fall has definitely fallen here in NC - I am probably the only person who dislikes this, but I do. Sure, the weather is lovely (and really that's a stretch, because I hate it being 48 degrees in the morning). But fall is just a reminder that winter is coming, and I hate hate hate winter. Depressing. I do like delicious pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, however, perhaps the one fall element I am pleased about.

Or wait, I take that back, I am also excited about Halloween. Am throwing a gigantic, epic party. I need good costume ideas for me and PB, however. I thought about being a bee and dressing him up as a beekeeper (got the beekeeper idea from Martha Stewart's magazine, it's so cute). I went to Party City and tried on a variety of whoretastic bumblebee costumes though, and I pretty much look like a yellow and black striped sausage in both of them, so the bee/beekeeper idea will likely have to be abandoned.

Also, why did I not think of making a craigslist-only email? I am trying to sell some of my old furniture, which really needs to stop cluttering up my garage, but I have gotten roughly 38489202 emails that are like, "Do you still have it?" Awoeifjawoigjewoirr, is how I feel about that. I have someone hopefully coming to pick up a white cabinet tonight, so if I turn up murdered, you'll know it was due to sketchy craigslist activities.

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