Wednesday, September 2, 2009

19 Kids and Counting

So I will confess: I love the Duggars. You know, those crazies with 18 kids. And today, on the Today Show, as I was putting on makeup, I nearly jammed my mascara wand into my eye because they were on with a "surprise" - they are having kid number 19. Now I have seen lots of ranting and such about how irresponsible this is, how insane they are, how ridiculous 19 kids is, and every part of me wants to agree with this. But I cannot help but like the Duggars.

Seriously, on the show, Michelle Duggar was just asked, "If you had 5 minutes with Barack Obama, what would you tell him?" And as I have heard every horrible, racist, close-minded comment you could ever imagine regarding the president, I almost hit the floor when all she said was (in the most sincere tone I may have ever heard), "Well I would just want to tell him that we are praying for him and his family. That's such a huge responsibility for anyone, especially someone with a family." Which of course, that's not a direct quote, but come on. Clearly they are the most conservatively crazypants family in the world, but she can still say something sweet and nice about someone I'm sure she didn't vote for? I'm not sure I could have been that nice about John McCain. I at least would have gone on one of my crazy tirades about healthcare or something.

Not to mention, this woman who has been pregnant for like 900 years, is standing in the metro on their vacation to DC, during rush hour, and she is calmly telling her kids that they need to be polite and let everyone else get off the train before they get on. And her kids are polite! They are well-behaved! What a novel concept! It's certainly more than I can say for Jon and Kate Plus 8 and that train wreck they have going on. Or really, for most families I see with their children running through the grocery store like a herd of wild goats on acid.

I sure ain't saying that I believe birth control makes the baby Jesus cry or that I want 19 kids or anything, but it is just amazing to me how darn pleasant they all are. All 21 of them. Always. So A+ of the day to the Duggars...if you did it all this time with 18 kids, hey, what's one more.

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