Tuesday, December 8, 2009

cotton-headed ninnymuggins

Summary of the last 6 days:

1. Sit in front of tv and half-listen to mindless tv while I half-study.
2. Go on a tear and eat the majority of the contents of the fridge/freezer/cabinets.
3. Resume studying and watching nonsense on tv.
4. Hope that my mom made food, as I have not put on real clothing so as to be able to go to the grocery store. Go eat said food at parents' house.
5. Return home, decide that I don't want to look at anymore books, resort to drinking wine, watching yet more useless crap on tv, and knit.
6. Repeat. (Oh, and insert shower like once every two or three days).

Bad part is, I've only had one exam, I've just had about two weeks off between the end of classes and the start of exams, which is le terrible. I'm just ready for it to be over already, for the love of the dear sweet baby Jesus.

During all this mindless tv-watching, there are things I have discovered.

Namely, watching this commercial makes me homicidal. Now probably, having the urge to start punching 8-year-old girls is a bad sign, but seriously, about the 86th time you see it, you too will jump up from the couch and holler, "ENOUGH ABOUT YOUR EFFING COMFY SWEATER!"

In all things relating to Christmas, however, here is my wish list (so listen up, Santa):
1. An iPhoneeeee...I want it, and I want it now now now. (Picture me going all Veruca Salt right at this moment.) Seriously, I know I am a brat and I got the stupid Sprint Instinct last year because I was a slave to my Sprint contract and they swore to me it was "SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE IPHONE OMG." That turned out to be a dirty, dirty lie because that hunk is basically a touch-screen Razr if you ask me. I have already been planning what apps I am going to get: so far the list includes Grocery IQ because I am lame, Runway, and Pandora. And so, so many more. Which brings me to my next item...

2. This fantastic iPhone case, all hand-tailored for the iPhone (even made to accommodate my plastic shell I am too excited about getting.) Seriously, I have not really been excited for Christmas since I was a kid, because there hasn't been anything I have really wanted in so long!

3. A forget-me-knot ring. They're just so cute.

4. These adorable wall decals. I have a blank, light brown wall behind my couch that really needs something and I think these would be perfect.

5. To hear about a summer internship! I don't know how you're going to swing that one, Santa, but you better start making phone calls. Mama needs a job.