Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't Go Over in October

So I got this from, and even though it's already the 5th, we're going to try it. What with the new house, and fall, which makes me want to buy a whole ton of new jeans/boots/expensive pumpkin spice lattes, I have spent roughly 900 million dollars in the past two months. That junk has got to stop. But it's going to be hard, whiiiiiine. Also, I just spent 55 cents on coffee, fail.

Well, anyway, if you want to participate/watch me suffer through this/probably fail at it, here are the rules:


1. Participants are forbidden from spending any money on shopping for the month of October. The definition of “shopping” includes but is not limited to: new clothes, shoes, books, accessories, spa treatments, hair/nails, house wares, games, makeup, last minute travel, and anything else you probably can’t afford.

You ARE allowed to buy gifts and necessities. And, to clarify, manicures and highlights are not a necessity in this particular challenge. (Damn, I know.)

2. Participants must create entertainment and food budgets on and not exceed them.

3. You cannot spend more than you can pay off. Sounds simple, but most young adults today are spending way more than they earn each month.

4. Participants must share their shopping detox experience at least once a week in blog posts highlighting things like: temptations, stories, moods, realizations and ways they’ve lived without.


1. To develop new money habits.
2. To prove that the sky won’t fall if you don’t get a pedicure and buy new shoes this month.
3. To learn that you can still have a great night out without sipping on several $10 martinis…
4. To save a little money for once in your life.
5. To depend more on your fabulous personality and inner self-confidence than on what new things you are wearing.
6. To eliminate impulse and emotional buys- two of women’s biggest spending traps.

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