Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm a sucker

I have somehow become a foster kitten mama.

Phoebe 001I've been calling her Phoebe, after much waffling and heartache, because nothing would stick. I tried Eloise, I tried Roxy, I tried Pickles and it was all just wrong. She wandered up to my friend E's house, but he has two big stupid Dobermans (is it weird that I am ok with cats but something about dogs, especially big dogs, just really grosses me out? They smell.) Anyway, they ran her up a tree and generally went all Al Qaeda on her, poor baby. So, his fiancee, being a good person, took her home. She has much cuter, more palatable dogs, and they liked the Phoebster, but her dad was a big jerkface about it and said she had to get rid of Phoebs or he would. So that's the story of how I became a kitten mama.

I am hoping that my bff's in-laws are going to take her this weekend, because while I love being a kitten mama, Tallulah (my other kitteh) is so not impressed. I have been incorporating Phoebs into the house in stages...at first she stayed in the garage, because I couldn't bring myself to leave her outside. I hate having outside cats, for one thing...I had so many get hit by cars as a country kid and it made me so sad. Also, they all get that wild, outside attitude that will cause them to pee in your bed if you ever do decide to bring them in, because it's snowing/hailing/you feel like having a cat in the house. And they get that outside-cat fur that makes them not pleasing to rub. You know, IMPORTANT STUFF LIKE THAT.

So, like I said, first it was the garage. Then my dad cleaned out the ugly furniture from my 2-car garage that came with the house, that he insisted on buying when we got the house, which I told him no one (including me) would ever want because it is heinous. That, in turn, turned my garage back into a 2-car space, and so he brought over my '73 Mustang convertible to live at my house, instead of taking up space at my parents' house. And of course, kittens + leather interior in a convertible/your new paint job on your old car = BAD TIMES. So, I started keeping her shut in my bathroom at night, letting her out during the day. Well today, the weather is supposed to be just awful (i.e., cold and rainy, the kind that will make me feel terrible for her all day). Soooo now I have progressed to letting her stay in the house all day, with Tallulah, with free reign over everything.

If it wasn't a 45 minute drive from the law school back to my house, I'd go check on them, as I am worried there is scratching of the furniture/fur flying/my crockpot of chili all over the floor/full-scale nuclear warfare. I hope this is not the case - we shall see when I get home.

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