Tuesday, October 6, 2009

P90X-treme PAIN

So, clearly this is a season of change for me, as evidenced by last post. But before I started this don't-go-over-in-October thing (and also before I realized PB could get bootleg copies of P90X from a friend of his, I ordered a sketchy Chinese copy of it from Ebay for like fifty bucks. And so far, so good.

Seriously, I have done two workouts in two days and my entire body is becoming PARALYZED. I nearly knocked a girl over with the door at the end of Wills/Trusts/Estates class today because I realized I was too weak to keep holding the heavy door at the exact wrong second. The first day was chest and back, which basically meant doing a variety of push-ups and chin-ups for an hour, and then twenty minutes of abs. Yesterday was plyometrics, which translates to me jumping around like the Easter bunny on crack for an hour. At the beginning of the workout yesterday I was thinking, okay, great, this is good, I can do this. And then very quickly it became, OH GOD, PAIN, TOO MUCH OF THE JUMPING, MIGHT DIE. Also the cat looks at me as if there is something very, very wrong with me while I work out in the bedroom.

I'm not sure the concept is so crazy revolutionary, because really anybody could do push-ups/chin-ups for an hour and jump squats the next day, and other such things like that and definitely get results in 90 days without any kind of formal program like this. But without that annoying Tony Horton telling me what to do, I know I would stop after 2 seconds of push-ups and decide I was just too tired to go on. There are frequently times during the workouts that I holler at the tv - YOU STUPID JERKFACE, I CANNOT DO 30 MORE SECONDS.

I need to take before pictures, but I have yet to get the 'nads to a) do that in the first place or b) post them on the interwebz. Also, that darn camera charger is still MIA. I thought of just ordering a new one, but the chargers are $28 on Amazon, and the camera is a 4.something megapixel Canon Powershot I've had since I graduated from high school four years ago. Considering that you can buy super-awesome cameras for $100 to $150 or so now, I feel like it's ridiculous to spend 30something bucks on a charger for my old one. But then I also feel like a big spoiled brat buying a new camera because I can't find the charger for the other one that works perfectly fine. DILEMMA.

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