Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fill-in-the-Blank Tuesday

(Not Friday, because it's Tuesday, and also, alliteration is overrated.) Taken from restaurantrefugee.com

1. If I was on a first date with someone and he ordered a Heineken/wine/anything from the menu containing more than six syllables, I would probably end the date early. [I don't go for fancy - the six syllable rule doesn't apply if any of the words are super, deluxe, bacon, or chicken-fried.]
2. When I’m sick I really want someone to rub my back, bring me a warm washcloth for my forehead, and bring me lots of soda (which I never stop drinking, sick or not.)
3. I know that some people really love movies; but I don’t understand how they spend so much money on it. [I think I own about three DVD's, most of which have been given to me/I've stolen from other people. As a general rule, I'm not a movie re-watcher, unless it's on TV and I need background noise or it is just a fantastic movie AND I haven't seen it in forever.]
4. I know that some people think I’m crazy for spending so much money on sheets; but I really love it. [You can't beat a good set of 400 thread count sheets.]
5. I’m so glad that I’ve out grown most of my jealousy since high school. [I was a bitter, angsty, jealsface. Probably all the hormones.]
6. I am living proof that the stereotype about smart people isn’t always accurate. [I'm still with my high school sweetheart, who didn't go to college with me, and who still hasn't finished his degree in general. He's not rich, but he's smart in his own country-boy way, and he's fun, and we've always been in love. I never subscribed to the notion that you have to branch out and be with an "appropriate" person to be happy.]
7. I know that it is a made-up word; but noms/fantastical/anything with -pants as a suffix are a permanent part of my vocabulary.
8. I can’t wait for HALLOWEEN! It's the most fabulous holiday of the year (yes, better than Christmas, and no, I'm not a Satan-worshipper.)
9. The most common misconception about me is that I'm a big mean snotface. Seriously, I think sometimes people think that about me, because I keep to myself, I get in a fog when I walk around and don't stop to talk to people as much as I should, and I don't go out of my way to reach out to people. Also I'm terrible about returning phone calls. Need to work on all of those things.
10. I wish I wouldn’t eat so gosh-darn much all the time, so I wouldn't have to work out like my life depending on it to avoid gaining 2834858 pounds, but sometimes I just can’t stop myself.
11. If I never heard the word "moist" again, it would still be too soon. [That word just gives me the heebie-jeebies. It's gross.]
12. I have a hidden talent for arm-wrestling that no one would ever expect of me.
13. I am not a fan of extraordinary rendition; but if it were to take place for crimes against womanhood/music/everyone from North Carolina, then Kellie Pickler should be the first person on the plane to Guantanamo. [That whole playing-dumb thing she does makes me want to punch a baby. Also, I don't even think she's so talented.]

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