Thursday, September 23, 2010

i make silly handmade things

You might have gathered by now that I am an old lady. I bake, I am the crazy cat lady, and I knit. As of late, I have started stockpiling my knitted things to sell on Etsy and in fact have listed said things on Etsy. But I swear, I am not selling a darn thing. Not even when I get Etsy showcases, not when I spend $5 on facebook ads, nothing.

I can't decide why that is. Perhaps my stuff costs too much. But here's the thing - yarn is expensive and knitting takes TIME. I mean really I am probably making like $2 an hour on my stuff after you subtract out the yarn costs. And further, I am always stalking the knitting section and let me tell you, people are selling some stuff on there that looks like it was made by a drunken baboon for like $150.

So what is the DEAL, man? I've signed up for the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp, which is supposed to indoctrinate me into this mess and tell me how it is that I'm supposed to be like some little woman in a hut in Mongolia, making my living from my knitting.

If you're feeling a little chilly (not likely around here since it's like 95 degrees still) - go grab a scarf! Got a bebe or a friend with one? Buy a blankie! Okay, shameless plug. But seriously - Pretty in Purls - go there, you know you need some hand-knitted items.

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