Friday, January 18, 2013

31, 32, and what the heck, 33 weeks

31ish weeks (can't remember how many days)

32 weeks 5 days at my adorable Dr. Seuss themed baby shower that my family threw!!

33 weeks 1 day

Marination Time: 33 weeks, 3 days as of today

Musings on the Weekly Photo: Well, I am definitely getting bigger!  Though I might punch the next person who says "Oh you must be having twins!" or "There's no WAY you're actually due March 5!" or "Wow, I'm sure you'll have a c-section." Punch punch punch.

This Week's Produce Item(s): 
Um, excuse me? The size of a WHO?  Now they're just making things up.

Currently Craving: Everything I am not supposed to have. I wanted peach crisp at school today SO bad but I didn't go there.  And then Phillip had a milkshake, corn dog, and curly fries after Bradley class last night and I could have choked him.  Really it doesn't tear up my blood sugar to eat those things but technically it's outside the Draconian limits the diabetes people set, and I worry that big brother is going to find out I was bad when they check my a1c next time.  Urgh.

Weight: 166 this morning...yeeee haw!

Symptoms: I have to take Zantac just about every day to keep the heartburn to a dull roar.  It's hard to tie my shoes on my own because I just don't bend that way anymore.  Forget any task like painting toenails!  Seriously though, I still feel really good.  Went to the doctor today and he sympathetically asked, "How are you, you sure you're hanging in there ok?" I was like "Um, yes, I'm feeling really darn good most of the time!"  My boss initially put me on the "stay behind and babysit children with no permission slips" list for our field trip last week and I scoffed.  I do not want to be trapped in a classroom with a bunch of kids who are going to be awful all day - I will walk my tail around my Discovery Place, thankyouverymuch.

Belly Button Status: Surprisingly, it's a tad less noticeable than it was at one point because it's stretched out so much. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely still OUT, but it doesn't look like such a nub anymore.

Sleep Grade: Not bad, I usually get up once or so, and we are running out of bed real estate between my ever expanding self, the pregnancy pillow, 2 weenies and PB.  Overall not bad though.

Movement: He gets the hiccups 3 or 4 times a day some days!  He flips and kicks me in the ribs sometimes too.  My belly still does a pretty good bit of rolling around even though he's getting bigger.

Appointments: Had one today.  Thank you Lord, I was measuring on time.  When you have the diabeetus, their concern is your baby is in there resembling Wilford Brimley.  I have a growth scan on the 31st that I am actually not looking forward to, since I am just so scared they'll tell me he's too big.  Fingers crossed that everything stays normal!!

Highlights of the Week: 
Definitely my baby shower that my family threw for me last Sunday!  It was so cute - it was a Dr. Seuss theme.  All of the food was themed, like green deviled eggs for Green Eggs and Ham, Yertle the Caramel Turtles, and so many other cute ones.

Everyone brought books as well as the more traditional baby gifts and so many sweet people came to bring us something.  Definitely a great day! 

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