Friday, February 22, 2013

36, 37, and eep...38 weeks!

*Doing an email be edited with pictures later!* :)
Marination Time: 38 weeks, 3 days...we officially have a full term baby.  Crazy!!
Musings on the Weekly Photo: I feel like I've been about the same size for awhile now.  He's definitely dropped pretty low, which makes my hips and back complain a little bit. 
This Week's Produce Item: 
36 weeks - Honeydew


37 weeks - Winter Melon (whatever that is?)


38 weeks - Pumpkin!


Currently Craving: I think I've eaten pizza 5 times this week, no joke.  I can't get enough!  No real "cravings" though - just still loving to eat everything in sight because I am the ultimate fatty.
Weight: 172 last I checked, which puts me at about a 42 pound weight gain.  Wow.
Symptoms: Gettings lots of sharp pains on the lower part of my belly.  Mom thinks they're bladder spasms from our friend head butting me in the bladder.  I'm definitely slowing down some, and having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions.  Mom and I went for a walk yesterday and my belly was rock hard for a good five minutes of walking uphill!
Belly Button Status: Same old, same old. It's out. Also I have that lovely dark line up my belly and it's hilarious because it also makes a circle around my belly button.

Sleep Grade: I usually get up once, maybe twice now.  Rolling over in bed is a big process where I basically have to get on all fours and then switch to the other side.  Basically how  I would imagine an elephant would roll over in a lying down position.
Movement: I think he has one place on my right side (where his feet always are) that he likes to wallow his feet, it's funny.  Other than the fun bladder head-butts or maybe some mild shifting, I don't feel much else.  He's just too big for his little apartment in there,  I think. 
Appointments: I am going every week now - at 36 weeks, I was "very thin" (though the doctor didn't give me an effacement percentage) and he said he could feel the baby's head.  I had an appointment last week at 37 weeks and the doctor gave me some crap about how they would "go ahead and get me delivered at 39 weeks' and then sort of patted me on the head when I explained that I would rather chew broken glass than be induced.  I see another doctor today who tends to be a somewhat reasonable human, so maybe he won't make me get into the whole induction battle...we will see. Nervous!  Hoping this guy can just take his own course and come when he wants.  I also have another internal exam, so we'll see if we've made any progress in the last two weeks. 
Highlights of the Week: PB has started working his 24 hour shifts at the fire department, so the weenies and I have to get used to being without him every third night.  It usually involves watching a lot of things on the DVR I don't get to watch when PB is home because they drive him crazy, and sprawling out all over the king size bed.  Haven't really had many other highlights, just trying to get my head wrapped around the idea that we are going to have a baby soon.  I still haven't - it's insane!!!

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