Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Two Months, Ira!

Two month stats:
Weight: 12 pounds, 9 ounces (75th percentile)
Height: 24 1/4 inches (95th percentile)
Clothing Size: You wear pretty much all 6 month clothes - some 3 month outfits barely work if they're shorts, but if they have long pants or sleeves, forget it!

Two Month Milestones & Highlights

March 31 - Your first Easter! We took you to church for the first time at Central in your Easter bunny john johns from Neta's. You behaved really well (i.e., you slept the whole time) through the whole service.  Though of course you waited for a really quiet moment to poop the loudest poop in the history of poops. The lady sitting next to us looked over at me like she thought you might have exploded.

We had lunch at our house with Mimi, Poppa, Nana, and Pa-Pa (and you did a lot more sleeping).

April 4 - The first time you did something other than sleep through a shopping trip! Daddy, Mimi, and I took you to Walmart and you loved it! You looked around at all the fun colors (and people) for about 20 minutes.

April 9 - It was Daddy's 26th birthday, so we went out to dinner at Longhorn as just a little family.  You slept the whole time and were (thankfully) super sweet in your ring sling, even though it seemed like we got the side eye a lot for bringing a baby to Longhorn.

(Also, all of your hair on top has fallen out and you look like a little professor!)

April 10 - We put you in your Bumbo seat for the first time!  You seem a little confused by it but you like it.

April 12 - We went to the lake while Daddy worked all weekend...and I am calling this the beginning of The Smiling Era!  We had maybe one or two teeny weeny smiles from you before but at this point, I think you have smiled every day.

April 23 - I decided you were too big for the newborn carry in the Moby anymore, so we moved to carrying with your legs out.  I think we're both more comfortable than we were with me stuffing you in there like a sausage, but it makes me sad that you're getting so big so fast!

You've started sticking your tongue out at us when we stick ours at you and you think this is hilarious!  I love it too and can often be seen stupidly sticking my tongue out in your general direction. 

You still sleep about one good 4 hour stretch between midnight and 4am and otherwise, you're up about every 2 hours.  You're still sleeping in the Rock 'n' Play because I tried putting you in the Pack 'n' Play but it was a superfail because all you do is spit up in that thing.  All. Night. Long.  And then you wake up cold and wet and pitiful and it just doesn't work out.  I plan on keeping you in the Rock 'n' Play until your tail is just too big for it!!

You still get a bath in your plastic bath seat in the big kitchen sink every night, which you love.  There is never any fussing in the bath!  

We try to go out and do something every day, whether it's Target, Walmart, the grocery store, or out to eat.  I wear you in the ring sling and you either look around if there are fun sights to see occasionally, or you (more likely) take a nice long snooze in the sling while we're out.

I still love you more every time I look at those big cheeks!  I never knew a little person with little fat rolls could make me feel like my heart would explode!

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