Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy 5 Months, Ira B!

5 Month Stats:
Height: Not really sure, but I'm guessing he's grown another inch...I'd guesstimate 27"
Weight: 16.2 pounds by my best estimations on the bathroom scale
Clothing Size: He can squeeze into some 6 month clothes, but usually it means the snaps will be popping.  We usually are in 9-12 month clothes now!

5 Month Milestones, Highlights, and General Happenings

I think we can say that you officially became a supported sitter at 5 months.  In the past 24 hours (so 5 months and 5 days or so), I think I can call you a real sitter!  Now, don't get me wrong, you aren't great at balancing yet and you'll flop over after a few seconds, but it's so adorable!

You love your exersaucer and you've gotten really good at standing in it with your arms just working on those little toys!

We went to get pictures made at a bubble bath mini session, and in true Ira fashion, you hated it!  You were okay for maybe ten minutes and then we were both over it.  We were being carried off by mosquitos and you were over the chilly water and bubble bath.  But at least we got a few cute ones.  You do kind of have the "Hey girl, wanna get in the hot tub?" look.

 We went to a pool party with Daddy's work friends and you got to do your first serious pool swimming.  I blew in your face and dunked you under a few times and you didn't complain a bit! All that swimming was followed by an epic stroller nap.

I haven't let you start solids yet because you know I'm the breastfeeding police, but we got your high chair out and let you sit in it with us at the table and play with your toys while we eat.

We went to my cousin's wedding at the gorgeous botanical gardens and you were just displeased with the whole thing and desperately needed to go to sleep.  That turned into Daddy's first time babywearing in the Boba! It worked out really well because you let him sit down while you slept in the carrier...and you will have no part of my sitting while wearing you.  I need a longer torso if I'm to have such long babies, I think.

Daddy worked at the Charlotte Symphony in the park in Kannapolis and we went to visit him and listen to the music.  You absolutely loved the symphony and (surprisingly enough) the fireworks.  You pretty much thought you were at Baby Einstein live.

Our adventures in cloth diapering continue....we have had to turn to wool as our nighttime solution because otherwise you wake up soaked, which we both find highly annoying.  Mimi made us your first wool soaker and has since made you a few more!

We spent your first Fourth of July at the lake, and one of my teacher friends came down to hang out with us and brought her husband and her two sweet kiddos.  We had a low key day, and you did a lot of napping! 

We finally did our first back carry, and you loved it!  We just did it around the house, and it wasn't super easy, but we'll get the hang of it.

You still aren't really such a fan of being on your tummy, even though you've gotten pretty darn good at it.  I have to beg you to roll from front to back and you will eventually just sort of transition yourself over.  Maybe one day you'll roll consistently!

As far as sleep goes, you're really on the same schedule you've been on for the past few months.  You're going to bed around 8 or 9 (though sometimes you stay up a little later), and then waking up around 2, 5, and 6:30 and getting up for the day around 8:30.   Your wakeup times might vary if you went to bed later or earlier, but your wake-up-for-the-day time is fairly consistent these days. It's hard to get you to take a nap and you won't stay asleep if I move your car seat out of the car, take you out of the carrier and strap you in the car seat, or basically do anything more than laying you down somewhere (and even that's a crapshoot).  You like to have a blanket touching your head to go to sleep, the fuzzier the better.  You spent most of your fifth month sleeping in the Rock 'n' Play, though you've spent an odd night here or there in your crib.  

You eat like you're starving every single time you wake up at night, and during the day you're usually eating every 2-3 hours.  I've been trying desperately to get you on some kind of schedule to try to help everyone else out when they start keeping you, but that's easier said than done.  Your refusal to eat if you aren't hungry and refusal to nap if the conditions aren't right make it hard to do anything besides stay home all day if we are going to adhere to any sort of schedule.  We shall see if that improves when I go back to work this month.

You're still talking and cooing a lot, and that little sideways grin you have just eats my heart up.  You like to have one of us hold you while you lock out your legs and stand up on our lap.  You will also grab onto your Daddy's sunglasses and croakies and pretend like you're waterskiing, which is hilarious.

You have such a personality, and if you aren't tired, you're generally a very happy, easygoing thing.  If you're tired though, you'll complain to us loudly about it until we help you go to sleep.  

You love to play with my necklace while you nurse, and when you look up and smile at me, I just can't take it!  Your whole goal in life is to blow the perfect raspberry, and you are The Master of Rude Noises.  I love kissing all over those big cheeks, and I'm so glad you seem to find that funny. It's starting to become apparent that you have such a big, sweet, mushy spirit in there!  Every age you have is my favorite, sweet love! 

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