Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy 8 Months!

8 Month Stats:
Height: Unsure? I'm guessing it's about 27.5" inches this month though.
Weight: About 19 pounds by my best guess!
Clothing size: You pretty much have to have 12 month clothes all the time now. 

8 Month Highlights, Milestones, and General Happenings

You still fit in the Chicco, which we use when you ride anywhere but in my car.  Your feelings about it are as described above.

You still LOVE the swing!  It produces lots of giggles.  Sometimes you scoot too far down in it and have to be repositioned, but it's a big win overall!

You still really like teething crackers...and so does Peggy.

The stroller is another favorite activity.  You love to get out and see what's going on in the hood.

Daddy put up your swing outside, since swinging is so much fun.  You are a huge fan!

We had a mommy-and-me picnic in the side yard, complete with baby cheetos, which you were a big fan of!

We walked in the stroller to the playground at Coltrane-Webb because I felt like you might love going down the slide.  Of course you're not awesome at sitting up, so I went down with you, but you seemed to like it!

You also did some swinging with Mimi (who met us there).

I just can't enough of that sweet face!

Riding in shopping carts is another new fun thing that we do.  I have a shopping cart cover but it takes me thirty minutes to fool with that thing and I don't know that it makes much difference, so people just look at me like I'm a bad parent while you ride in the regular part of the cart.  You don't seem to care!

Mimi got you a wagon with a canopy and we went on a date with our friend B!  

"Hey girl...nice swingin'"


And yes, that is a tampon in your hand.  You love to go through people's purses and find non-baby-appropriate items to play with.

That face just kills me! 

We pretty much went to the park about 20 times this month, I think.  You love for Daddy to push you in the swing!

Did I mention we like to take cute girls out in our wagon?

You sit up pretty well but sometimes you get tired and flop over, so I put you in the bumbo under the playmat while I get ready in the mornings so you don't hit your head on the doors.  If I sit you on the floor, I usually put a couch throw pillow on either side of you!

You got your flu shot and I was scared to death that you were going to cry and hate me forever.  What actually happened was that you made an Ira-sized hole in the paper at the doctor's office and then you did not let out one peep during your shot.  I couldn't believe it!

...But what should I expect, you're a tough guy, right?

You went with us to the beer festival in front of the Speakeasy and just chilled in the Ergo the whole time!  

You still don't sleep through the night - and in fact, you're usually up every hour or two wanting mama.  Oh my goodness it has been rough, and it's a good thing you're really cute.  You usually will still take 2-3 naps a day, but they're not really on a schedule.  If you're out and about, there's no way you're napping for the most part.

We are still nursing (yay us!)...mostly all night, but you take about  8 ounces a day from bottles while I'm at work too.  I have to pump about three times at work to keep up with you, and you take about that many bottles.

I feel like this is the month that food has really "clicked" and that you're actually getting more down than you once did.  

You still like your ring stacker and your play mat (though you don't like to be on your back to play with it, you like to sit up).  You like to sit in front of the couch with a pillow on either side of you and a toy, and you will play with a toy there for awhile by yourself.  You still like your exersaucer a lot and you have started playing in your bouncy chair a little too.

You absolutely do not crawl and hate being on your tummy entirely.  You don't sleep there, you don't play there, and you cry if I put you there.  Maybe one day?

I love those little cheeks, that giggle that you do, and those big sweet cheeks!  

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