Wednesday, August 26, 2009

happy house-closing day to meeeee

Do you ever just get overwhelmingly curious (okay, maybe just nosy) about something that really doesn’t matter? And I don’t mean just something that isn’t any of your business, I mean something that really really doesn’t matter. Example: this morning, I’m sitting in class, and there is a guy two rows down from me wearing one of those free t-shirts the Red Cross gives out when you donate blood and it says, “Who says you can’t get blood from a…” but I can’t see the last word, no matter how much I crane my neck and look like an awkward noseface. WHAT THE HECK DOES IT SAY? I have to know. I have never heard such an expression, I can’t fill in the blank myself, I have to see it. I’ve never heard anybody say you can’t get blood from a…whatever. A rock? A sock? A leaf? WHAT?

Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that the law school’s internet clearly is broken this morning, which means I have no little background tasks to keep me occupied because I really do not like solitaire. And there is only so much babbling about the Fourth amendment that I can listen to. I do not care what your opinion is. Is your opinion the one in the casebook? No, it is not. Therefore, it does not matter because it shall not be on the test. Could you shut it please? Kthxbye.

In other news, today is the day I close on my new house‼ Am so excited. Am posting the pictures, am trusting you not to judge me because they still contain pink and green paint, shiny wallpaper in the bathrooms, and lots of little old lady-esque furniture. I am going to be a painting fiend for the next week or so at least, it would seem, because all that stuff has to go.

screen porchoutside 2outsidemaster bedroomliving room 3living roomkitchen 2kitchenhallwayguest bed

PS – Kid finally moved. Question is – “Who says you can’t get blood from a lawyer?” After all that. LAME.

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