Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well, Hi.

This is me. The big guy is PB. You'll hear about him a lot.
me and pb

This is Tallulah. You'll hear about her too.
March 2009 029

Things I like to do:
1. Start blogs and not keep up with them
2. Complain about law school
3. Make lists of things to do and then not do them
4. Start making lists of things I won't do later and then not even finish the actual list
5. Daydream at inopportune moments
6. Take 20 minute, super un-green showers
7. Feel guilty about all the ways in which I'm not green
8. Think about what stickers I'd like to put on my car and then realize stickers on cars often piss me off and put no stickers on my car
9. Run, not because I'm particularly good at it (I sure ain't winning no races), but because it feels like a get out of jail free card to eat/drink whatever I want afterward (even though I know it's not)
10. Watch trashy TV shows of the Bravo variety, not to mention egregious reality crap, and Rescue Me (only because I love Franco)
11. Curl up with my Kindle and wonder how we ever lived without each other
12. Plot ways to kill people who crunch ice
13. Drive fast when the occasion presents itself
14. Be a moral snob for never having gotten a speeding ticket or smoked pot (that's right bitches, just step off my higher ground right now)
15. Be a nutritional snob because I only ever eat salads with spinach, not iceberg
16. Sleep in my contacts because I like to live DANGEROUSLY, since according my eye doctor it is DANGEROUS, like driving a racecar without a seatbelt
17. Wear pink and blue - seems like my whole wardrobe involves nothing but those 2 colors, though I don't mean for that to happen
18. Eat popcorn, ice cream, pizza, and peanut butter like a 4 year old who has no parents
19. Swim, because I have always believed I was the little mermaid
20. Not answer the phone, ever, either because I am oblivious to its ringing or because I don't know who it is and I get all STRANGER DANGER and awkward on the phone

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