Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter Monday!

The lake was lovely. I can't say I really did anything to speak of while we were there - we didn't even go so far as to put the boat in. PB and I went down with some of our friends and my parents came down too, and it was pretty much sitting on the dock, and getting up to reload the cooler. The sunset was beautiful:

Then yesterday I was a heathen and didn't go to church for Easter, but that's because we go to a big church downtown, which is all nice and pretty and somewhere you'd want to go if you never go to church. So that means I'm sure there were 9 million and one people there, and that just takes away my Easter spirit and makes me want to start punching people.

So instead, I stood on the dock and flashed people! It was great, I walked down by myself, towel, soda, and Kindle in my arms, in what I like to refer to as my Little Mermaid bathing suit. It's one of those from the evil empire of Victoria's Secret, and it's a seafoam colored bandeau top with a seashell in the middle. And whilst I have all of this stuff in my arms, and am facing out toward the lake, my top just flies off of me. I don't mean it shifts downward a little, I don't mean it nearly comes off, I mean the thing FLIES OFF, and everything just pops out, kind of like when you open up a can of biscuits.

So I stood there stunned for a moment, and the guy on the jetski in front of me sat there stunned, and finally I threw the rest of my stuff down and picked up my top. It was a moment that made the baby Jesus happy on Easter, I'm sure.

Speaking of bathing suits (disjointed alert here), I am in love with the new Liberty of London stuff at Target. I may have to go procure a new bathing suit today.

This is my particular favorite. NEED. WANT. MUST HAVE.

Also, if anyone is looking for a good read to start off summer, here's my recommendation of the day:

Try The Motion of the Ocean by Janna Cawrse Esarey. It's a memoir about how she sails around the world with her new husband - it sounds weird and terrible, but it's got a very chatty feel, and she'll seriously take you to amazing places and make you want to buy a craptastic sailboat, grab your significant other, quit whatever it is you do, and go sailing forever.

It's already 76 degrees here, lovelies - I hope it's beautiful in your neck of the woods. Just call me Al Roker. Time to go out and enjoy the sunshine!

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Michelle said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE that target suit! So so cute. Also. Your horror story is exactly why I've never bought a bandeau top.