Wednesday, October 27, 2010

allowing myself to inundate you with some wedding squee!

I have been specifically trying to keep y'all clear of the nausea-inducing wedding posts that I could be doing. You like how I do that by just not posting? I know, I know. It's genius.

Well today, children, will be an exception. Today is going to be a list of Meredith's Favorite Wedding Things. Things that just make you go "SQUEEE!"

First, you should know that I have picked the all-important Colors of the Wedding. Teal and raspberry. And YES, I am obnoxiously referring to it as raspberry.

The color of those roses? LOVE. Combined with something like this:

Not so much a fan of the chocolate brown here, but I love the teal. See, I'm in this quandary because we're getting married September 10. Yes, 9/10/11. So to me, September 10th feels like summer is on the way out, and fall is on the way in, even if it will be 900 degrees the day we get married.

But I hate, hate, HATE the harvest hoedown wedding theme. No mini pumpkins, no burgundy dresses, and for the love of Jesus, no sunflowers. No sunflowers anywhere. Those do not belong in one's wedding. Unless perhaps one's wedding is at a quaint, picturesque barn. Maybe the one on Martha Stewart's property. And Martha Herself would have to arrange the flowers in a way that didn't scream "These won first prize in the 4-H contest at the county fair!"

So I wanted to do something other than super bright summery colors or springy pastel colors. But NO SUNFLOWERS. And no harvest hoedown. Hence, the teal/raspberry theme. Lots of satin, lots of jewel tones, and pink shoes. At least for me.

I have yet to find a pair of high heeled pink shoes that don't make me want to punch a baby within five minutes of putting them on though. Those poor folks at Zappo's have sent me not one, not two, but three pairs now. I keep putting them on and wearing them around the house and subsequently thinking about all the different ways I could and would probably commit a homicide whilst wearing them. So the poor folks at Zappo's are probably going to be getting all three pairs of those back.

DSW has sent me a pair of hot pink flip flops. They have not yet arrived, but I'm expecting them to look like this:
I'm hoping that they are a) actually cute, b) comfortable, and c) not going to make it overly obvious that I am an oompa loompa and PB is a wildebeest.

Fingers crossed.


Ellen said...

I love teal too. Its one of my ideal wedding colours. It can look so elegant :)

Meredith said...

Thanks! I am so not an "elegant" person in everyday life, but since we are getting married at a big, pretty, historic church and having our reception at a 1920s-era hotel with big chandeliers and gold chairs and such, I feel like we have to embrace it!