Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Election Day!

First, some gripes I have:

The space bar on my laptop is sticking and it is making me CRAZY. DoyoumindifIjusttypelikethisfortherestofthepost? Because at this point, that is NEARLY A NECESSITY. Also, as I am posting in commercial law, the fact that I have to keep awkwardly banging the crap out of my space bar is a little strangetastic.

Also, why does the calendar flipping to November mean it is suddenly polar bear weather? I was out campaigning this morning (woo, election day!) and I feel like I may have been doing more harm than good, as I was holding out cards to voters and shaking like an alcoholic missing her morning glass of vino and saying, "G-g-g-good m-m-m-morning, c-c-can I give you s-s-some information?" So attractive.

Now, on to the more positive things:

You may remember that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Not sure why, but it always has been. Maybe that was because when I was in elementary school at Crazypants Christian (not that all Christian schools are crazypants, but mine sure was) - I could dramatically declare that my favorite holiday was Halloween and elicit all sorts of gasps and judgy looks. Because I like the devil's holiday more than the baby Jesus' birthday!

Seriously though, I love Christmas too, but Christmas is a pressure-filled holiday. I always end up running up my credit card because I try too hard to be a good gift-giver, I engage in marathon eating for a week and gain a ton of winter polar bear weight, and then there's the terrible post-holiday-undecorating phase. Halloween is low pressure. No family members to upset if you don't spend enough time with them, no ugly/ill-fitting/impractical gifts to deal with, and of course - free candy! Just because you asked!

This year though, I wasn't all that into Halloween. Normally, I decorate the house to the nines, I plan my costume and activities to which to wear said costume months in advance, and I play "Monster Mash" ad nauseam. This year, I lazed around and debated even doing anything at all until the very last minute. I didn't plan a costume, so when I did dec
ide to go out, I did the old "pull random shiz out of the closet and call it a costume" routine.

Perhaps is because I was sans-PB, because he has recently attained the world's most terrible job which requires him to work at every waking second that one might want to do something fun, or really, anytime I'm not at work or law school. Ohhh what I would give to have him back in a 9-5 job. We love it. Can you tell?

But anywho, whining aside, here's how my "costume" turned out:

I was a "cowgirl"...which I achieve by just pulling junk out of the closet. Quite frankly, it kind of scares me that I can pull out stuff I would actually wear and make a costume out of it. Probably that says something about my style.

I know you also like my fix for not being enough of an adult to own a full-length mirror. Pull back shower curtain, perch precariously on bathtub (exponentially more difficult depending on the footwear the outfit requires), contort self slightly so as to see full self in mirror. Normally it's not quite so difficult because the outfit doesn't require a hat that also needs to be evaluated.

But that was the start of Halloween. I walked up the street to a party, which seemed like a good idea in order to avoid running down trick-or-treaters, but which I was starting regret about 1/4 mile in. It was about a half mile away, I wasn't wearing the most comfortable cowboy boots in the world, and I was also carrying a leaky cooler with ice and two bottles of wine. (Yes, I packed two bottles of wine, for myself, for one party. In my defense, it was indecision, not alcoholism.) Basically, I was the big creeper trolling the sidewalks with a cooler bag and no pants while kids and parents gave me strange looks. It's a good role to play on Halloween.

I had an excellent time at the party, however. How could I not, what with the bonfire in the front yard, candelabras everywhere, some awesome costumes, and frito pie? Frito pie is DELICIOUS.

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