Thursday, November 25, 2010

Eaten Until I'm Tired.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! Turns out that two Thanksgiving meals in one day is too much for this girl, and so I've retired to my sweatpants, my Snuggie (yes, I have a Snuggie), and sitting by the Christmas tree with some tea. With my cats. And I'm thinking of knitting later. Could I be more of an old lady? Whatever. It's fine.
Anywho, we had the 2nd Annual Great Deviled Egg Cook-Off last night! Alas, I did not retain my title this year. A newcomer won the title - and I have to say, they were pretty good classic eggs. We definitely had a lot more entries this year, 13 in all, and it was tough to get through that many eggs. It also really spread the voting out, as I feel that despite my instructions otherwise, folks voted for their own eggs. We had about 30 people in attendance, and the winner got 5 votes - definitely crazy. But by the time we'd finished with all the egg-making and the egg-sampling, I think I could go for another ten years without touching eggs with
a ten foot pole. Seriously, I saw the deviled egg plate at lunch today and wanted to run and hide. The egg cook-off is always a great time though, and last night was no exception.

Today's festivities consisted of not one, but two Thanksgiving feasts, and since I have all the willpower of a hamster, I have eaten until I don't think I could physically raise the fork to my mouth again. But there was barbecue turkey (my grandmother's specialty, and my favorite), perfect dressing, gravy, hashbrown casserole, green bean casserole, and coconut cake. Basically, all that is good and wonderful in the world.

And now, it's Christmastime at my house!

I can't believe that it's survived a few nights now without totally being torn down by Twyla. She's big enough (11 1/4 pounds, and she's only a year old) and she's wild enough to go all nutter butters on the tree. Her strategy, I think, has been to slowly undecorate it, like I won't notice. She grabs part of the beaded garland, takes it from the bottom of the tree, and starts walking around with it. She'll mindlessly paw at the lower ornaments until she gets one off to chase around.

Yesterday, I was sitting at the table and looked over at the tree and saw it sort of shaking. I thought to myself, "Hmm, why would the tree be shaking?" Then I notice two little back feet sticking out from the bottom of the tree. "OH RIGHT. Because there's a KITTEN in my TREE."
Let's hope she doesn't get any braver in the next month or so - we may have a tree disaster on our hands.

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Carly Anne said...

Deviled eggs are among my favorite things... And, I feel like everyone has a secret recipe for them. : p

I was just telling my fiance that, while I miss having a cat (I had to put mine down last year) I DO NOT miss said cat ingesting my Christmas decor.


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