Monday, November 22, 2010

Solidifying the Ball and Chain

I finally ordered PB's wedding band last night. Getting PB to commit to his favorite wedding band is like pulling teeth. He pretty much has zero opinions. "I mean, it's a ring," was a frequently heard phrase.

I originally really liked the fingerprint rings from fabuluster on etsy, but they only come in sterling, and a sterling ring + PB is going to last approximately 4.2 seconds.

I tried and tried to find one in tungsten, which is what PB really liked after trying on a ton of rings at the jewelry store. But tungsten is pretty much way too hard for a design like that, and I had pretty much the same results with titanium. I did find one, but the print didn't wrap around like that - it was just a solo print on one part of the band, and I was not a fan of that.

So after I sent PB a billion more pictures, he finally committed that this was his favorite:

It's tungsten, which he wanted, because it's heavier and PB likes that for some reason. And it's kind of different - I can tell that's one thing he really does want. I think he is going to be a lot less happy with a plain band or anything even close to traditional. Also, it's 9mm wide, which is super necessary for him. When you're buying a ring in a size 13, it tends to look real girly on his giant hands if it's not also pretty wide.

So yay, ring ordered!

It occurred to me that I've never shown you guys my ring - I've had it since August, but I've not posted any pictures!
There it is! I took that picture in our hotel room in Savannah right after we got engaged. It's on top of one of the roses PB gave me at the big moment. I know, you're throwing up in your mouth. But I'm always curious about other people's bling, so there's mine, for your viewing pleasure.

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