Wednesday, November 10, 2010

party party

Today is one of those days where I want to blow off everything I'm supposed to and go play. It's 70-freakin-degrees outside and here I am, stuck in the law school, in the world's most terrible class. Why did I ever think it would be a good plan to take a course entitled Human Injustice, Reparations, and the Law? With a textbook entitled When Sorry Isn't Enough? Fail. My tongue always gets raw from having to bite it the whole time I sit here.

So I said I wanted to go play. Really, I just meant I want to go home and get stuff done that needs to be done. First, I need to work in the yard. My poor impatiens have all died and I need to spend roughly 90 bajillion hours replacing them with pansies. Second, I really want to cook. And bake. And knit. And watch 19 Kids and Counting on my DVR. I swear after our trial team competition is over, you will have to have a cattle prod and a means to hog tie me in order to get me to this darn law school at ANY TIME other than class time.

In the spirit of less whining, let's talk about what I'm looking forward to! I mean, obvs besides being done with trial competition, this semester, craptastic law school in general. We are having an engagement PAR-TAY! And since I've sent out all the invitations (with precious little Christmas tree stamps, I might add), I thought I'd post them for you to see!

Now of course, I didn't send them out with big blank spots where the location of the party should be, I just jacked them up like that in print for the benefit of all you creepsters who might want to show up. But I mean on second thought,so long as you bring your favorite beverage (and maybe a giftie, if you feel so inclined), maybe I don't care?

Anywho, here are my lovelies:

Muchas gracias to Erica at Sweet Prints Stationery for designing these! If you need shower invitations, baby announcements, party invites, Christmas cards, etc., she is fantastic and a super-quick designer.

The only slight headache I had with these was trying to get them printed. I've never done anything like this before, and I just had a hard time finding a company to work with that was a) cheapies because I am a big poorface and b) actually able to GET the design on a dang 5x7 card with envelopes.

I ended up using Zazzle, and though I didn't pay for expediting so it took about a week, I was very pleased with the end result. And I'm already starting to get a few RSVPs...very exciting!

*Disclaimer: just so you know, I didn't receive any kind of consideration from either Zazzle or Sweet Prints Stationery...I just happened to use and like them!

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Anonymous said...

I just almost died laughing at "When Sorry Isn't Enough." I LOVE LAW SCHOOL.