Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In which I consider paying a ridiculous amount of money for SHOES

Here comes another dreaded wedding post. But y'all, I am having a SHOE CRISIS of EPIC PROPORTIONS. A dramatic, terrible, bridezilla-esque, full-blown shoe emergency.

See, I have been taking advantage of those sweet people at Zappo's who let you buy as many shoes as you want, get them home, and send them back with no shipping charge for any of it. Really, I'm at a point where I'm feeling a little guilty about it, because I have just used their poor selves over and over.

I initially ordered two pairs of shoes, both
peep toe fuschia heels. But then they came and one was more purple, and dear sweet Lord do I ever HATE purple, so that one had to go back. Th
en the other had a rhinestone buckle on the toes which turned out to be set in a brassy gold color. I hate gold perhaps even more than purple, so back to Zappo's they went.

Then I ordered a third pair.

I know, they're lovely. Very cute. And they don't make me want to punch a school bus full of orphans immediately upon viewing them. However, within about ten minutes of wearing them, I start to consider punching at least a few orphans. I'm feeling like following an afternoon of pictures, a ceremony, and some dancing, the four-inch heels on those bad boys are going to bring out my homicidal tendencies.

So you know that I tried to remedy this situation by purchasing the Nine West pink flip flops I showed you in this post. But they are not cute. The soles are too thick, the straps are too thick, they are a weird color, and basically they somehow manage to combine Lisa Frank rainbow ponies with a lesbian softball coach sort of vibe. Not the vibe we are going for, in short. This means they're going back to DSW. They just have to.

But I am still toying with the idea of flip flops. Like nice, blinged out, cute and comfy but still sexy flip flops. And on the search for those, I've come across Mystique Sandals. Y'all, they have cute shoes. Like these:

But horribly, they want ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS for some FLIPPY FLOPPIES. For reals?! I haven't been able to let myself order them yet. I'm keeping the 4-inch peep toes for now. I haven't totally divorced them, since they are really cute. But then I think to myself hmmm, those were $116 dollars and I feel like I will wear them maybe once or twice more ever, maybe with an LBD. So is it worth it to buy cute wedding shoes that I could actually see myself busting out with a sundress later? Or is 150 freakin dollars just too much to be tolerated for flip flops, ever?

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