Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Puppy Fever

A lot of y'all have been posting about baby fever lately...and the peeb and I are not there at all. But we do have puppy fever. Intense, incurable puppy fever. So much so that I have been cruising Petfinder for HOURS and we made an appointment to go and see this little bebe:

We're going this afternoon to see her in her foster home. We've promised ourselves we won't bring her home today though. I've got to go back to class tonight, and I kind of intentionally scheduled the visit on a day that wouldn't be great to bring a dog home so that I'll be less tempted to do it. Seriously, me and PB are the worst. He wouldn't let you know, but he'll want to take her home too. We're a dangerous combination.

Also, PB wants to name whatever dog we get "Peggy." This is the kind of weird person my fiance is, but it cracks me up. Especially since we are looking at getting a dachshund or a dachshund mix (because I love those, and I really can't have a big dog) - it makes me think of little peg legs.

It was hilarious yesterday when I brought this intense puppy fever to the attention of Mama Dearest. There was an intense text message battle for roughly thirty minutes, to the extent of "a dog will ruin your house, you can't have a dog, wait until after the wedding/bar exam, it will make your cats pee on your furniture, etc. etc. etc." I pointed out that if I am in fact going to get a dog, now is the time - after the wedding and bar exam, I am (presumably) going to have a job that requires me to actually be out of the house all day long. Nowadays, I'm here a good amount of time, and I will be all summer too, even if I'm studying for the bar. That means time for potty training a dog/puppy before I have to be gone all the time.

So after about 15 minutes of silence, she sent me a text that said something like, "Well. I'm not marrying you. So. I don't have a dog in this fight." And then we immediately transitioned to her asking to help name it, looking up dog products on Etsy, and cruising puppy websites.

We did make an appointment to go see a puppy tomorrow morning too. That's another reason we can't take home the dog we meet today. Mom is really advocating us getting a puppy, rather than "a dog with baggage." I don't really agree with that, for a few reasons, such as me having to house train a puppy from scratch, the fact that it would be a dog from a breeder, etc.

But then, puppies are super cute. And I'm also wondering if that wouldn't be better for my two cats. They would probably put a puppy in its place pretty darn quickly. Thinking that won't be the same for an older rescue dog who has seen the mean streets for awhile. It would probably threaten to cut them or something. Mom also makes a pretty practical argument that these puppies are already here and someone might as well adopt them and make them pets. I know, it's still supporting breeders and all of that, I understand how that argument is flawed. But adopting one rescue dog isn't going to necessarily change everything and stop breeders forever. I'm a realist, yo.

At this point, I'm keeping an open mind both ways. I'm super excited to go meet both of them!

I plan on making PB the official event photographer this afternoon, so expect an update with pictures soon!


Anonymous said...

So, update on the puppy situation!? I love puppies :)

Rach said...

I've had puppy fever for months but can't get one just yet :( I live with my parents and their dog would not get along with another, so I can't wait till I get my own place and can have a small dog. I love looking at all the cute ones on petfinder too!