Thursday, August 4, 2011

random mess of a post

First, let me go ahead and warn you that I have no clear theme here.  Except not having a clear theme.  So roll with me today.  I haven't had enough coffee yet.

Mostly, I don't like bridal showers and crap like that.  I just don't.  But I have to say that everything we've done has been seriously fun.  Exhibit A: tonight is going to be epic. We're having a Pure Romance party and lingerie shower!  My mom knows a girl who so graciously spent all day making an, ahem, "adult" cake for me.  And oh, how badly I wanted to post pictures of it!  But then I thought no, because y'all, this thing is so realistic.  It's three different flesh tones.  It has toasted, dyed coconut sprigs on it.  Y'all.  Just, Y'ALL.  We're going to have sangria and little cocktail weenies and try on lingerie and get to hear alllllll about the Pure Romance stuff.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I'll try to take (a few appropriate) pictures.

Really, I can't believe how fast the wedding's coming.  It's like a MONTH away.  And I'm ready for it to happen, but it still doesn't seem real.  Not the me-and-PB-being-together-forever thing (I feel like we've been doing that part all along), but the me-in-a-fancy-dress with approximately one billion people in attendance.  Okay, maybe not one billion, but more than I'm used to.  And it sure felt like one billion when I was addressing those suckers.  

Mostly, I'm so excited to go on our honeymoon that I can't stand it.  I feel like a terrible teacher for missing the second week of school, and I tried to be a good little camper about probably having to cancel our honeymoon.  I really only asked my principal if I could miss it as kind of a formality to make myself feel better before I went ahead and cancelled it.  Needless to say, I was doing cartwheels when my principal emailed me back to say I'd be allowed to take it!  Now, I'm sure my pay will be docked for a week, but hey, we'll make it.  It's Disney World, I mean, I'd give up my right foot to go.  Maybe that'd even be doubly worth it because nobody with crutches or any sort of injury waits in line.  

Y'all know we're going to Disney World, and PB knows we're going to Disney World, but I don't quite think PB knows exactly what that means just yet.  He's only been once, when our entire eighth grade went down and we had to spend most of the time dealing with our teachers as chaperones and filling out notebooks with math problems and writing assignments so that Disney would be "educational." However, I think that trip might have been more leisurely than the one we're going to be taking in September. 

I do not wait in line in Disney World.  And I cover everything.  Therefore, we get up early, we hit the park (determined by annual crowd forecasts to be the one least crowded on that day), we stick to a schedule and we move at a breakneck pace in order to see everything before dinnertime.  There are benefits though.  I'd rather be moving than standing in a 2 hour long line for Space Mountain.  That mess ain't gonna happen.  And further, it usually frees up enough time that we get to ride the big, super-fun rides like Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Soarin' a few different times. 

Also, I haven't been to Disney since I graduated from high school, back when internet on your phone was still a really unheard of concept, and something my parents certainly weren't going to pay for it if we had it. But now?  Now there are DISNEY APPS.  Who knew?  Wait times!  Crowd forecasts!  Next show times!  Amazing.  I just had to get that out.  I'm so excited.

I close this random hodge-podge with Peggy Sue in her new favorite place - the bird bath.  Don't ask me what gave her this idea, but I can't keep her out of it.

Happy Thursday, y'all!

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