Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wedding, Part I: The Rehearsal

I talked and talked about the wedding and then I left you hanging.  Did it happen? Or did I go all Runaway Bride on PB?  Was I featured on Bridezillas?  Was it like an episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?  Well, no, probably should have been, and maybe, are the answers to those questions.

No seriously, we did get married at long last, and it was just lovely.  And then our honeymoon was lovely because y'all, it's DISNEY WORLD.  So, here come a series of wedding and honeymoon posts, because turns out it takes about 10 days post-wedding to not feel like you are going crazy with your house looking like Animal House From the groomsmen getting dressed there, the mountain of {decidedly awesome} wedding gifts to be sorted and put away, and trying to catch up on approximately six months' worth of sleep.  Yeah, I still haven't achieved that one.

So, here's our wedding recap, part uno, starting with the rehearsal.  Everything had seemed so theoretical until we were all standing in front of the church, deciding whether the groomsmen were going to hold their hands behind their backs or in front of them and who should usher moms and grandmas down the aisle.  And then every time our music minister starts banging those organ keys, everyone wells up a little and it feels real, real, real.

We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants downtown, and it was so nice.  I have to admit, I was a little stressed and anxious after the rehearsal, not because anything went poorly, but I think because I just realized how VERY close we were and how I had zero time left to achieve anything else.  Of course, everything was fine and I didn't need more time, but it's kind of like the midnight hour before a big exam and you think of all of the things that you could have studied, or studied more, but now it's too late and there's nothing to do but wait on it.  Or is that just my little OCD hamster brain?  Yeah, probably hamster brain.

This is basically the only picture of the rehearsal dinner that I have so far - I know other people took pictures, but I was so all-over-the-place that I didn't even think to bring my camera.  So that's me, my brother and sister, and (obvs) PB.  I promise the restaurant is much cuter, but the only place with enough light for a cell phone picture was the hallway by the kitchen.  So there you have it.  

Oh and that dress?  Those sequins might look sweet and innocent but then they will rub ALL of the skin off the underside of your arms.  And then you will put on Certain Dri and then you will scream like Kevin in Home Alone:


One of my favorite parts of the rehearsal dinner was PB's groom's cake.  Here's the back story. One of the things we did right before the wedding, because we're crazy or stupid, or probably both, was replace the backsplash in the kitchen.  And by "we," I mean that PB did it and I whined about how long it was taking.  So what I saw in my kitchen or in PB's hand for about a month before the wedding, was essentially this (except not a cake):

Our baker was amazing - seriously amazing.  If you're in the Charlotte area, I can't recommend her enough.

In short, a few glasses of wine, a medium rare steak and a baked potato, and some pineapple pound cake, and I was feeling better.  

We said goodbye to some folks, and then we had most of the bridal party over to my parents' house for some backyard-sitting and some cornhole-playing.  I suck at cornhole, so I think I threw the bag about three times and then parked it in a chair to be a spectator.  We had so much fun hanging out with everyone though, and I'm so glad I didn't go home and pace the house like a lion.  

And with that, I put on my Certain Dri, put in one last call to PB, took a few Nyquils, and went to sleep.  Nyquil is a beautiful thing.

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