Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Big Wedding Post

I'm so glad to see that some of you are still here, following along!  So, here it is - wedding pictures!  And a big, hairy recap!

I woke up early, early and went to pick up my sister - then all the bridesmaids convened at my parents' house and we all went over to the salon to get ready for the day.  Which, let me tell you, was a PROCESS.  There was lots of makeup to be done (for me) and lots of hair to be done (for all of us).  

There's the lovely Chip in the background working on my head!!  I never knew my hair could do that.  Seriously, it's a miracle.  I don't know how he does it.  But it can't be replicated, and certainly not by me.  

And my MAKEUP!  My makeup was miraculous.  Sweet little Stanly, the amazing makeup artist at my salon, airbrushed my face first and then spent forever doing other stuff to it.  He'd say, "Okay, now we're going to put on eyeliner," and he'd be mixing up paint and spraying things in a tray and dabbing at my face six ways from Sunday.  I was like "Uhhh, when I put on eyeliner, it (at most) involves digging my crummy pencil out of my bag and crookedly smearing some in the general direction of my eyes.  It takes about 2.3 seconds."

There's me, post makeup, but obviously pre-hair.

And there's my hair from the back, as we were getting ready to leave. 
I couldn't believe how hard those sweet folks at Fuze worked to get me, Mom, and the bridesmaids ready.  I was so happy with how everything turned out!

But because of all the primping and fussing we all required at the salon, we started running majorly behind schedule.  We went back to my parents' house, wrangled me into That Giant Marshmallow Contraption of a Dress, and were ready to roll.  The plan was for the groomsmen to come to the house, and each of them would pick us up in a convertible and drive us the mile or so to the church whilst we sat in the convertibles, parade-style.  Except the groomsmen weren't there.  And I was finally dressed.  And I couldn't really sit.  And I hadn't had much of a chance for any nerves to get to me until then.  So yes, I had my little bridezilla moment.  Or a big one, you could call it that.

Here I am, after wrangling myself into the rumble seat of the car, probably on the point of hollering, "NO MORE PICTURES.  GET IN THE CAR.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?"  I'm surprised people still talk to me.  It didn't help at all that someone called and told me they were closing the street where my parents live and where the church is at 4:00 and it was about 3:45.  I freaked, y'all.  Then it turns out they were actually closing it the next day at 4:00 for a 9/11 thing, so all that freaking was not even necessary.  But you know, it happens.

Here's Lia's view of the big parade as we came down the street!  Finally at last!

When we got to the church, PB sent over my wedding present.  I think the pictures describe it better than I ever could:

It was a Canon rebel!  I was so excited!


That helped distract me and kept me from killing anyone or pulling at my hair like a psych patient before we went out. 

I wish I had pictures of the ceremony at this point, but alas, not yet.  It was perfect though - we picked out all the verses and wording ourselves, and it was beautiful.  No one bawled, even though I'd really expected PB to bawl.  I have to say, lots of that part is kind of a blur to me.  I was trying so hard to take in all the people I saw, but there are still names I see in the guest registry and think, "What?  I never saw those people there."  

Neither of us cried until we got out into the narthex and then PB hugged me and we both cried.  We're pitiful.  But at least I didn't cry in front of everyone - y'all know I am not a crier.  

The reception deserves its own post - so I think you'll get that one later.  For now, here are the amazing pictures from one of our photographers that we have so far!

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