Sunday, October 9, 2011


Finally, a nice, lazy Sunday morning to update the old blog.  I feel like I haven't had five minutes to call "lazy" in the last few weeks, and it feels good!  Okay, want to hear about the reception?  Here we go.

I don't have pictures back from my photographer yet, but facebook is crawling with them, and in this instance, I think pictures tell you more than I can describe.

Let's start with decor.  Lots and lots of roses and orchids!  Loved it!

So there's your scene.  Consider it set.  Because of our timing issues earlier in the day, we had barely taken a single picture before the wedding, so we had to be one of Those People Who Spends Forever Taking Pictures and Making People Wait.  Our photographers were great though, and I will say they did a great job of getting us to the reception.

We had a minor scare because we were supposed to be setting up PB's laptop to show a slideshow of pictures of us as kids, and the laptop went missing.  Turns out it was in the upstairs bathroom.  You know, where we keep the laptops.  

We were ready to walk in, and we had no idea where my parents, Phillip's parents, or anyone else was. So in true Bridezilla fashion, I said, "FORGET IT.  If you're not here, you're just gonna have to come in without an announcement."  

But once we started our first dance, everything was fine.   We danced to Sam Cooke's "That's Where It's At."  I had been so worried about it feeling awkward, because I'm not really about being in the middle of the Soul Train circle and dancing while everyone else stands and watches, but it was actually lovely.  

Then things, well, they got a bit cray cray.  But I think everyone had fun.

I decided to change into my reception dress - I had brought it, thinking I wouldn't want to change out of my big wedding dress, you know, since it's the only time you have to wear it.  But I felt like I was suffocating, and even with it bustled, it was still long in the back, which was really hampering my dancing skills.  I put that short dress on and it was like being let out of prison!  It felt so good.  The hair had to go up too, because that too was causing me to feel like I might burst into flames.

The garter toss was really fun, and it was caught by PB's cousin, who wore my hot pink garter on his head the rest of the night.  I love this picture that someone snapped - too funny!

This is maybe my favorite picture of the whole night, that showed up on Facebook a few days later.  My mom, Jessica's mom, and Michelle, one of the bridesmaids.  Cracks me up every time.

Here we are leaving - sweaty, tired, and after having a whole lot of fun.

(See Chris in the background with the garter on his head?)

I just couldn't bear to go home yet, so we went across the street to a fun little bar and kept the party going probably longer than I should have.  It was a great night though, and despite the goof-ups, which everyone told me would happen (and I didn't believe them), it was a perfect, perfect night.

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