Sunday, October 16, 2011

Honeymoon...The Finale!

Here we are...the last day of the honeymoon!  Whew!

We headed back to Epcot - here we are waiting in line for Mission: Space.  That's supposed to be flight control back behind us.  All I have to say about Mission: Space is that WOW, it makes me want to barf.  But I didn't, amazingly.  Definitely not something I could do more than once though.

For our last night, we decided to skip our dinner reservations and just walk "around the world" in the world showcase at Epcot and eat and drink everything possible.  

Here we are in Italy!

Chinese food in China!

Man, that beef noodle bowl was delicious.

Here I am trying a Kirin light in Japan - really delicious light beer!  German beer, on the other hand, I don't have a picture of, but I do not prefer.  Blech.  Could barely even finish it.

We saw this cray cray performance in France. And then he did a handstand on top of all that and I nearly had a heart attack.  Heart. Attack.  It was cool, but I was stressed when he was doing all those acrobatics.

Maybe my favorite picture of the whole honeymoon.  PB in the Chinese hat.  YES.  

And there you have it!  All of our honeymoon antics, recapped for your pleasure.

Next week - back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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