Friday, October 14, 2011

Honeymoon Parte Uno

I thought I'd do a little honeymoon recap - mainly because I want to throw myself back into the magic.  I think I have mentioned about 43 times now that I really want to go back to Disney World.  I'm not sure PB is ready, but I sure am.  It was too fun.  

Day Numero Uno:

We left for the airport after I tried to keep some breakfast down for awhile because I had WAY too much fun at the reception afterparty.  We made it to the airport, after a frantic trip to Target because I realized we had forgotten to pack socks for PB, and that we needed a travel bag for my new camera.

We finally made it to the airport, and had no holdups, except for the fact that my bag was overweight, which the lady probably would have ignored had PB not blurted out, "I'M SURE THIS HUGE BAG IS OVER YOUR WEIGHT LIMIT.  OH SEE, 54 POUNDS!"  So after reshuffling our luggage whilst praying that my underwear didn't fly out all over the check-in kiosk (it didn't, thank the baby Jesus), we made it to the plane.  We flew Air Tran, which I'd never flown before, but I was seriously impressed! 

Our flight attendant was a hilarious lady who gave us a show during the safety presentation since she knew that PB and I were the only ones in the back of the plane even halfway paying attention.  She did a few dance steps, she indicated emergency exits with just the one, ahem, finger, and she made faces.  I love it.  Then she found out we had just gotten married and moved us up to first class!  I had never gotten to fly first class before, and boy was it swanky.  Huge seats, and all the drinks you want!  Crazy!
(Though I ordered a bloody Mary, thinking I could handle it.  I couldn't handle it.  Had to pawn it off on PB.)

When we got to MCO (Orlando International Airport, for those of you who don't live and breathe Disney), we waited for the big Mickey bus to come bring us to our hotel!

Magical Express, ho!  (Don't you love interesting uses for that word?)

Me and PB on the Magical Express, where they show you Disney cartoons all the way to Disney and your creepy driver talks like this - seriously, watch this video I snapped of him, ultra-creepster:

See?!  I told you!  This guy tries really hard at his job but he also gives me a little bit of an I-might-be-a-serial-killer-when-I'm-not-driving-this-thing vibe.

There they are!  The magical arches!  Turbo-nerd alert.

We arrived at our hotel, The Boardwalk Inn, and were helped by a sweet Disney International program who really didn't speak much English.  That caused our room situation to get 50leven shades of jacked up, and we really ended up with 2 rooms for the week.  Interesting.  And also annoying because we had to carry around 2 cards in order to get into the parks, pay for things, etc. as well as to get into our rooms.  That was a little less than magical.

The details of the hotel, however?  Incredibly magical.  It's all decorated like an early 1900s boardwalk resort, and the theming is crazy.  

Here's our room for the week!

Here's PB checking out the balcony, looking like Secret Squirrel on a mission.  

And an awkward photo of me on the balcony.

Here's the sweet towel art that Mousekeeping left for us!

Here's PB inside one of the several courtyards - that place is GIANT.

Here's me, posing for pictures whilst we wait for luggage to arrive.

This was the view from the boardwalk, out over the lagoon.  So, so pretty, especially at night.

Since Epcot was a recommended park for us on Sunday, we decided to hit that one first.  We were both miserably exhausted but I was also way too excited to just sit and watch TV in the room or lay by a pool.  We hit up Test Track first, because PB had never done it before, and as a ride themed around cars, specifically GM cars, I knew I could get him excited about Disney World with that one.  

And it worked!  See, here he is going, "OMG, that's the motor in my Tahoe, take a picture of me with it."  Ummm, ok honey, sure thing.

They have a showroom with GM cars in the post-ride area, that you can climb all in and take pictures with - this is the Acadia, that PB really thinks I need.  I'm not sold.  

Here's PB with a Camaro in the gift shop.

Despite being ridiculously, ridiculously exhausted, we had dinner reservations at the Polynesian resort that night, near the Magic Kingdom.  There was no way I was missing reservations at Ohana during fireworks time, so we nearly fell asleep on the bus to the Magic Kingdom, and dragged ourselves to the monorail that would take us to Ohana.  But boy, was it ever worth it.  

They gave us these sweet little buttons as soon as we walked in, because they knew we were honeymooners.  Mickey is like Santa, and knows everything.

And I was seeing everyone with these big pineapple drinks, and despite our exhaustion, I felt I needed one.  And it was good.  How could a drink in a pineapple not be?

Here's PB, getting excited for some hardcore nomming, because Ohana is a family style restaurant that brings you dishes and dishes and dishes of every single course.  Basically, it's amazing.

See those little dumplings?  I know I ate at least 15 of them.  Honey sesame chicken wings, noodles, and every kind of meat and dipping sauce you could think of.  They kept bringing it out until I thought I would hurl at the mere sight of food.  It was by far the most fantastical meal of our honeymoon.  Even better, I tried very hard to schedule certain meals during fireworks times so that we could watch them while we ate.  We were able to see the fireworks out over the lagoon while they played the music in the restaurant.  Gorgeous!

Then, though we had little to no energy left, we decided to take advantage of Extra Magic Hours, or times when certain parks are open past their usual closing time just for Disney resort guests.  That night, it was Magic Kingdom extra magic hours from 9:00 until midnight, and you just can't pass up that kind of opportunity.  We were stuffed, we were zombies, but you still can't beat Big Thunder Mountain railroad at night.  

Here's me and PB in front of the fun little busts outside the Haunted Mansion - one of my favorite rides and also infinitely better at night.  

Stay tuned for part two! 

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