Sunday, October 16, 2011

Honeymoon, Part Tres!

I have to be honest, I am mainly doing these posts because I really want to be able to look back at them later, when we are 100 years old, and remember the fun times we had on our honeymoon.  So I apologize if you are getting tired of our Mousecapades, but I promise I'll be done soon.  If you like them, I'm glad!  Keep reading!

We headed back to MGM the next day, and here's a picture of me and "that damn ride I hate" - according to PB.  

MGM is full of cool, old Hollywood stuff - couldn't resist taking a picture with this awesome Cadillac.  We had a much better day in MGM, because we weren't nearly as tired as we were when we went during Extra Magic Hours.  We rode Star Tours, rode Rock 'n' Roller Coaster about 50leven times, and had lunch at Pizza Planet.  Pizza Planet is a cute little pizza joint meant to look like the pizza place and arcade in Toy Story - too cute!  We saw the Lights, Motors, Action stunt show with all of the trick cars that PB really loved.  We called it kind of an early day and headed back to the Boardwalk to swim for awhile and get ready for our Big Fancy Dinner of the Week.

Around sunset, we showed up at the California Grill at the Contemporary Resort (the one where the monorail goes through it).  It's a beautiful restaurant on the top floor, with a big open kitchen and floor to ceiling glass windows.  This was our view when we got there:


Here's me at the table, getting really excited for my dinner.

There's PB with that pretty view right behind him.  They specialize in fresh, American food.  Lots of sushi, fish, and fresh veggies.

Since it was our honeymoon, they covered our table in Mickey confetti, and PB arranged some into a heart - he's a mess.

We had this heirloom tomato flatbread to start, and it was amazing.  So amazing I couldn't wait to take a picture before I had already snarfed half of it.

Dessert could not have been more perfect.  I had grapefruit cheesecake, and they brought it out right before the Magic Kingdom fireworks started.  

I forget what PB had - some kind of crepes I think?  I just adored that printed chocolate!

Again, since it was our honeymoon, they brought us some champagne right before the fireworks started.  Such an amazing night.

They also have an observation deck out there, and PB and I went out after we were finished eating.  It was absolutely beautiful, secluded and quiet, and you can see the whole Magic Kingdom area from there.  The lagoons and lights are all so pretty at night.

Here's our poor attempt at self-photography up there.  

The next day, we headed out to what is honestly my least favorite park - Animal Kingdom.  There's just really not as many things to do there, in my opinion.  Do the safari ride once, ride Expedition Everest once, and spend the rest of the day at the pool, in my opinion.

But the safari is very awesome and worth the trip to Animal Kingdom.  

See how excited PB is?

You see so many animals throughout the trip, and they're all so close to the safari truck!

See how close that giraffe is?!  Goodness gracious!

Here's a cool view of some of my favorite birds - flamingos!

Look at how close that rhino is!  Seriously!

Here's PB and I after riding Expedition Everest, standing in front of the monkey habitat.

Look what we had thanks to Mousekeeping when we got back home!

Originally, we'd made reservations at the Yak and Yeti inside Animal Kingdom, but we decided to cancel them.  Our reservations were at 4:30, and since we'd gotten to the park so early, we were really done by that time, and we didn't want to eat at 4:30 anyway, after we ate a big lunch of Chinese food inside the park.

Instead, we made a really good decision and decided to eat at one of the restaurants at the hotel, Kouzzina.  It's Cat Cora's restaurant and it is SO good.  Best of all, it was right downstairs for us, overlooking the boardwalk, so there was no bus/boat/monorail ride involved to get there.

Here's PB waiting for our beeper to go off, overlooking the lagoon.

We decided to play around with the focus on the new camera. 

And here is the amazing food.  PB had a seriously delicious steak with roasted potatoes that might be the best thing I've ever tasted.  Actually, I was really jealous of his food that night.  The whole restaurant is great though - they give you delicious bread to start, with a trio of different flavored olive oils from Greece that are so yummy.

More printed chocolate!  

My delicious dessert!

And so ended another great day at Disney.  We even had enough energy left to go watch fireworks at Epcot, which was a short walk from our hotel.  I had a Grand Marnier slush and enjoyed every second!

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