Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh, Pinterest, you big giant time suck...

I just love me some Pinterest. I don't have nearly as many pins as some of my friends, who have amazing things, but today I've been having a crazy craft-lust for some reason, and Pinterest has only been intensifying it. The thing is, I am not even crafty, not even a little bit. I have good intentions, but I can't use scissors. So what I really want is to convince my family members that these projects are awesome and have them help me not screw them up. However, PB is impressed by practical, functional things, not my desires to cover things in fabric or hang things on the walls. But maybe I can convert him.

I want to make this amazing twinkle light chandelier for the screened porch.  Except for I don't want to replace the ceiling fan and I already have colored fancy balloon lights from Target and PB calls those my Clark Griswold lights.  I don't think he'll be too impressed with this.  A girl can dream though, right?

I also really want to make these candleholders, which actually seems achievable to me.

I'd actually really like to do them with wine corks written on them like these are:

Except that most of them would probably say things like "It was Tuesday and I was tired," or "Man, work really sucked today," or "Because Parenthood was coming on," or "It was taking up too much room in the wine fridge and the Harris Teeter case discount was coming up."  So maybe we'll skip that part.

I'd also love to do this either around our thermostat or around our alarm control panels.  Maybe both.  However, this is certain to be something PB is not impressed with.  Oh well.  You wait, I'm getting out the tape measure and seeing how big of a frame I need this very night.

I also really love this.  Such a sweet idea!

I'd love to do this, but I'm afraid it would turn out terribly. If I see some cheapie lampshades on sale, you better believe I'm trying it!

Maybe I'm being overzealous with the dry erase thing, but I just love this! Maybe it's the teacher in me these days. Pretty picture frame, some scrapbook paper, and an Expo marker and BAM! Perfect little dry erase board.

How precious are these? I think they'd make a great homemade Christmas gift for someone, especially since you can get a box of like 24 wine glasses for about ten dollars at Ikea or Target. Too adorable!

Anyway, there's my Friday craftiness dreaming....hope y'all had a great week!

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