Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ahh, summertime!

Well, that much-anticipated time of year has arrived.  Finally at last - summer break!  I was really sad to see the kiddos go, but wow it was amazing to sleep in on a Thursday morning.

Yesterday was a teacher workday, which I almost used flex time for, and should have.  But then I thought, No, it will be a really easy, short day...let me just go sign in and hang out for a little bit.  So I parked around back near my classroom so I could put one last box in the car and be ready for a quick escape to start summer break.  

Well, I had been there for less than an hour when this happened:
Yep, the trash truck hit my car.  And then didn't have the common human decency to say, "Hey, I hit your car," or "Here's our insurance information," or "Whoops, I screwed up," or even "Kiss my butt." It's a good thing the children weren't there, because they didn't need to see Mrs. B waving her arms and yelling non-6th-grade-approved words when I saw what had happened.  Yeah, $900 in damage to your brand new car...happy summer!  It'd make you cuss too.  

I called our sweet resource office who truly is great and he called the trash company for me.  I told him I knew there was no way in the world we could prove a hit and run, because no one actually saw it happen, but that I should probably get a police report so I could give it to my insurance company.  He called for a car to come out and give me a set of report numbers, and he is so sweet and competent that I was starting to feel less like I might assault a schoolbus full of orphans.

Then the other lovely officer comes out and tells me I'm parked in a no parking zone.  Hey buddy, it's public vehicular area.  The SCHOOL put up a no parking sign.  I could put up a no parking sign in the Wal-Mart parking lot and it would have about the same effect.  The trash truck just hit my brand new car that I have had for all of two weeks.  I need you to stop talking about the no parking zone.  In fact at one point while standing in my classroom, I said, "Well really, you're parked right beside me in a no parking zone.  Does this mean I can take this broom handle [grabbing my broom] and bust out your windshield?  And then say 'Oops, you were in a no parking zone!  Hate it for you!'?" 

I felt like Samuel L. Jackson in that scene from Pulp Fiction.  You know, the one where he says:

Except instead of "what," I would've been saying "Say 'No Parking Zone' one more time..."

WHEW!  Well, we finally got it all straightened out, I got the silly little report I wanted, which said what I wanted it to say, which is that we knew the trash man had come to the school that morning, that no one else was back there and that there are tire marks and grease all over my car as would have come from a trash truck.  Also that there was a skid mark where a quite large vehicle actually moved my car when it was hit.  Now say, "No Parking Zone" to me one more time.

Whew, I got all amped up just writing all that out again.  

So let's switch gears to today, the beginning of summer.  Started my day with a little bit of Kindle time and a delicious cup of coffee with Almond Joy creamer on the screened porch.  I started an awesome new book called All I Can Handle about a mom who has three daughters with autism, which is fascinating for this autism nerd.  

And then later, I'm going to the Colbie Callait concert uptown with some teaching friends!  I think it's a pretty darn good way to kick off a month and a half of vaycay time.  Here's hoping all my teaching friends are off to a lovely summer start too!


Unknown said...

"Like I might assault a school bus of orphans" Bahahaha too funny!!

Sounds like today will make up for your crappy yesterday! Cheers to summer!!

AlexP said...

An absolutely fantastic post! Cheers to the oportunity of taking the broom handle to the truck driver