Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Official...4 Weeks

I know, I still can't believe it myself, but I think we are officially 5 weeks into this deal.

I know, I am the only person in the world who would even give anybody a hint that they were pregnant until after the first trimester.  But let's be real, y'all, I am not a secrets person. I keep a secret about as well as a four year old.  Or maybe worse.

My thinking is that I don't have any reason to be worried, I only have reason to be excited and enjoy it. And if God has other plans, then y'all will hear about that too, but for today?  Every time I worry, I just think about one of my favorite old verses - "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself."

But I thought I would start doing little weekly updates, more for my own purposes than anything, and I think it'll be fun to watch the progression from where we are now (which doesn't really feel any different) to where I'm sure we will be in another 36-ish weeks (walrus).

These surveys are a la Elefantitas Alegres, because I so loved hers when she was doing them!

Thoughts on the Weekly Photo: You might think I already look pregnant.  That's because I pretty much ate a whole watermelon in less than 24 hours.  Oops.  Also, wow, definitely remembered to take these at 10:30 when mama was ready to go to bed!

Marination time: 4 weeks

Weight Gain: Probably the last time I get to say this - I think I've actually lost a pound! Don't know how in the world that happened, but it did somehow.

Clothes: Nothing fits differently except my bras.  And I am definitely going to need some new ones of those.  Whoowee.

Fruit of the Week: has this fruit chart that lets you know what sort of fruit or vegetable your baby compares to on a particular week.  Yeah, it's strange.  But kind of interesting.  This week, it's an appleseed.  TEENY! See, I told you that's a watermelon gut and not a baby.

Name: We're still working that out, at least on the middle name front.  I'm sure that'll deserve its own whole post!

Moving: Um, it's the size of an appleseed, so no.

Sleep: I had a little trouble sleeping the first two nights we found out because my mind was just racing. But otherwise, I'm sleeping great!

Cravings: Fruit! Watermelon!  But let's be honest, when do I not crave watermelon?  PB just feels like he is obligated to cut it up for me now since I am his baby mama, so I actually buy them from the store!

Annoyances: Hopefully I'll never have to fill in this section with "I throw up all the time," or "I have big purple spots all over me," or anything like that.  I don't really have any annoyances this week.  I'm thirsty all the time, which is weird for me - but I guess that's not too much of an annoyance?

Highlights of the week: Getting to tell everybody!

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AlexP said...

We are excited for you too, and are patiently waiting for your next post! Haha, hope all is well ma'am!