Friday, February 26, 2010

happy friday!

At least, that's what I sound like. Anytime I get the slightest cold, I mean just the light sniffles, no big deal, nothing requiring a doctor's visit - my entire fills up with crud and then I can barely speak. And what I do manage to croak out sounds like I am doing a Darth Vader imitation. Which in turn leads people to have reactions like "OMG where did you leave your iron lung?!" or "What do you have, snout-rot? The plague? GET AWAYYY."

So that's what's been going on with me. Oh, also I cough awkwardly all the time, and sneeze like my head is actually going to unattach from my body, another thing that attracts a lot of attention to myself. Awesomeeee.

Something that has been keeping me happy, however, is the hot tub I recently adopted from my parents. They have a giant, 650-gallon, nice hot tub, that they never kept up. I can't blame them, because it's like playing junior chemist all the time, and the slightest little thing being off can cause it to turn into a giant cesspool, make the water look like milk, or make it foam up 12 feet in the air like you poured six containers of Mr. Bubble in it. (I know this, because all of those things have happened at some point or another.)

If you get a hot tub, I highly recommend getting a pool boy. In my case, that would be PB. He busies himself with all kind of little projects I dream up, which is fantastical. He puts in chlorine tablets, other magical things which make the hot tub not a bacteria pit, and basically it means I can park myself in the hot tub after a quick run through the cold and drink wine until my heart's content with minimal work. I LOVE IT. Also, if you're looking to be a cheap drunk, the hot tub will so get you there. Two glasses of wine and you are going to have to hoist me out because my legs have turned to Jello.

I'm planning on a lot of that this weekend. Should be amazing times. Hope you're having a glorious Friday!

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Anonymous said...

I hope that you're feeling better and that all of your hot tub time this weekend was lovely... and yes I am choking back some jealousy inspired snarkasm.