Wednesday, February 10, 2010

how not to do your laundry

Um, so did something real sketch this morning. I have to speak on a panel later about working in public interest law (and was told I should "try to dress up a little," probs due to the fact that I generally look like a homeless person when I'm at the law school) and then I'm going to court. I worked at the DA's office last summer and am going back this summer, so I am headed to court this afternoon to watch some cases get tried that I worked on! Gets me all excited.

One of my main flaws, however, is that I am poor at keeping up with laundry. I don't know why, but I absolutely hate doing laundry. If I can muster up the will to actually get it in the washing machine and turn that junk on, it is a REAL BIG step for me to then switch it from the washer to the dryer within a reasonable amount of time. PS, I have that down to a science. It depends somewhat on the size and type of load you are washing and the weather outside, but generally about the most I have ever gotten out of a wet load of laundry is about 9 hours before it starts to really smell like a moldy cheese wheel. Well, this week was a big week, because I managed to get past that step. However, this was a giant load of laundry that basically involved me stuffing it in the washer and standing on it to make it fit. So of course, that took forever to dry. And could I manage to restart the dryer? Oh nooooo of course I could not. And could I bother to at least check that load of laundry the night before I need something? Of course I could not.

So this morning, at 7:15, I am running around the house in all manner of nekkidness, hair wet, looking all afluster, tearing crap out of the damp mass of clothes in the dryer like a rabid squirrel looking for my winter stash. Finally at last, I found my black leggings and my little black snow leopard print dress. Okay after I typed that, it sounds like a hooker outfit, but for reals, it is so not a hooker outfit, seriously it's cute. I threw the rest of the crap back in the washer (since it was soooo at the point of smelling like a moldy cheese wheel) and then proceeded to do The Awful Sketchy Deed. I located my bottle of lavender Febreze, SOAKED the entire outfit in it, threw it in the dryer and turned that thing on the Hotter than the Nailed Down Hinges of Hades setting.

And that's the story of why I'm nervously sniffing myself every few minutes to make sure I don't smell the bottom of a sweaty 13 year old boys' gym bag. Let's keep our hopes up!

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Lia said...

I hope that you did not go to the court smelling like the bottom of a sweaty 12 year old boys' gym bag. I think it would be PC to throw your ass in the slammer.