Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pupdate! (forgive me for that, I had to.)

So y'all....the puppy search has come to an end. It was too long for my snap-decision tastes, and it was tough, but it's over.

You remember my post from yesterday about the chiweenie rescue we
were going to see. We did that, because I was really really into getting a rescue and she was the best-looking one we had seen. But we got there, and oh my goodness y'all, it really broke my heart. She is sweet, but she has so many issues. She ran and hid as soon as I accidentally let her leash slide out of my hand while she was on my lap. After the rescue lady went and retrieved her, she begrudgingly sat there while we kind of held her down. And she was just shaking and shaking.

Now her ad said she was okay with cats...but what that meant is that she doesn't chase and/or try to nom cats. She is afraid of them. The rescue lady had one and she said that the dog screams when the cat gets close to her. So ultimately, as much as PB and I wanted to do that, we just realized we couldn't. I was so worried about territory issues with my cats and all of that stuff, and I just felt like she had issues we couldn't overcome. Because my house is not that giant and I have two cats that kind of are giants. Whatever dog we got was going to have to be okay with having cats all up in their grill, all the time. We just knew we probably weren't the best home for her.

So we did what we did not want to do. We made an appointment to go see a puppy. I have a friend that has three dachshunds and I just knew that's what I wanted. She referred me to this kennel, and they are the sweetest little country people in the world. They have the MOST adorable little weenie dogs you have ever seen in your life. And as soon as we got there, they were ready to meet us and play with us. We were open to looking at all kinds, and I was kind of feeling a short-haired dog because Tallulah is a Maine Coon and it is already pethairapalooza up in my house no matter how much I try to stay on top of it. Turns out though, that long haired ones actually shed MUCH less (and are softer on top of that!) Who knew?

So, we met one of their sweet little black and tan long haired weenies. And she liked PB immediately!

Here she is in the yard after we brought her home! I don't have a ton of great pictures of her yet because I sadly had to go to class after we brought her home today. It is terrible, not only do have that awful end-of-the-semester apathy about class, I feel like I've just left my infant at home. She's hanging out with PB right now - can't wait to go home and see her!


Jill said...

WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz in... said...

Awwww, so cute! She's adorbs.

Unfortunately, that's the problem with rescue dogs (speaking as someone who has worked with them). They take a lot of time, and often have a ton of issues. They're really best for when they will start out as only pets.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the swoon over the puppy! I'm so excited for you both =) Who doesn't love puppies!? I hope it's all going well so far!!!