Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oops...24, 25, and 26 weeks?

Guys, this is just a classic example of how this pregnancy has totally been sneaking up on me.  It seemed like I had just done a post, and I thought I was only one week behind! Oops.  I seriously cannot believe how fast it is going.  I want to put the brakes on, I like this part!  I just feel like it is all going to be over in three minutes.

How about an update, shall we?

Here we are at 24 weeks, 1 day in the skeevy work bathroom.  Man, I love that maternity shirt from Old Navy.  So comfy!

24 weeks, 4 days at the Santa Scramble 5k!  The belly and I "ran" (okay, waddled) it in 31 minutes.  I sort of felt like my bladder was being trounced the whole time, which made for an interesting run, but we made it!  

It was a first 5k for both Ira and my mom!  

Here we are at 25 weeks, 1 day before going to the 5th annual Deviled Egg Cook-Off!  It was the first year I didn't enter, because we were insane that whole day with making Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family.  We hosted and provided almost all of the food since we have a family member in the ICU and we knew most of the rest of the family wouldn't feel up to cooking.  But whew, by the end of the day, I couldn't even think of making deviled eggs.  I could barely think of eating them!

But of course I did eat one of all 15 entries, and then I was whining about my back and ribs hurting because I am the ultimate fatty. PB decided to lead back stretching on the garage floor at our friends' house.  I don't know how I got up from down there, but I did!

Then I realized that I have no pictures from 26 weeks yet, so here I am looking just whipped after work today.  We are 26 weeks, 2 days today!

Marination Time: 26  weeks, 2 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo(s): I think I look a lot bigger today than in the other pictures, for some reason.  Good Lord!

This Week's Produce Item: 

Um, I'm sorry, those sizes just baffle me.  Doesn't a cantaloupe seem bigger than cauliflower and lettuce?  Odd.

Realistic baby-measuring item of the week: 
From weeks 25 to 28, The Bump says the baby is the size of a kid's lunch box:
Currently Craving: Had to finally scratch the itch for real sushi yesterday and got a calamari roll and a crab/shrimp salad roll from Wasabi Cafe for lunch with Mom yesterday.  And then I remembered just why I thought that crap from Harris Teeter is comparable to Little Friskies in a plastic tray - Wasabi sushi is SO much better.  Also been really wanting regular Coke lately, because I am a bad mother.  And I had a Diet Pepsi yesterday and a Diet Coke today.  So sue me.  I'm sorry, Ira, at least it isn't an illicit drug.  OH, and a big milestone - we went to dinner with my in-laws on Saturday night to Longhorn and I had the very first steak I have eaten since I got pregnant.  It was pretty darn good too, medium-rare with a cheese-stuffed portabello on top.

Currently Avoiding: As much as I want sushi lately, the thought of our traditional weekly fried-fish dinner that we usually do on Thursdays is making me feel green.  I'm kind of excited that we have Bradley class tonight so that I can make barbecue chicken pizza, because that's what I'm really wanting tonight!

Weight: Ugh, got the scale battery replaced, which means I was up to 151 as of November 13 (24 weeks). At November 20 (25 weeks), I was 154.  This morning, (26 weeks, 2 days), I was 156.  Holy snot rockets, that is some serious weight gain.

Symptoms: I went back to the chiropractor at the beginning of the week, and that man does wonders for my sciatic/hip pain.  It's only been barely twinging.  I've moved on to taking Zantac for the ri-fricking-diculous heartburn that I have constantly.  Pretty sure all my guts are somewhere in the vicinity of my upper rib cage, so it's logical, but jeez.  That's really about it.  

Belly Button Status: It enters the room about 15 minutes before I do, it's so far out.

Sleep Grade: Pretty great over Thanksgiving break, and I was able to sleep in until unheard of times, like 10:00.  Last night sucked though, because sometimes I just can't get to sleep after I get up to go to the bathroom at 4am.

Movement: I pretty much feel him all day long, slamming around in there.  I feel like it's a preview of what's to come when he's 16 and throwing things in his room because he's pissed off at me.  Calm down, child!

Appointments: Next appointment is December 11, which is the dreaded gestational diabetes test appointment.  I have a strong feeling I'm going to fail, and I'm hoping to goodness I don't, but I just have a feeling....gah.

Highlights of the Week: 

We started what I hope will be an awesome tradition for Ira at my parents' house!  Those are big light balls hanging from their trees.  Putting them up involves borrowing the neighbor's high powered tater gun, which is quite the sight to see.  It took a lot of dedicated neighbors a lot of time to help us put them up, but the end result is really magical in person.  

Aside from Thanksgiving, the Christmas parade and 5k, and the deviled-egg cookoff, this week marks our first week of Bradley classes!  We are going out of order since the next session ends after my due date, and tonight's class will be infant care.  I'm excited to see how it goes, I have a feeling it may make all of this feel very, very real!

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