Tuesday, November 3, 2009

halloweenie (with no whining or complaining this time)

So at my parents' house, Halloween is a big deal. And I always say that and then I hear "Oh yes, we have a ton of trick-or-thalloween 019reaters too, we just stay so busy handing out candy." No, no you do not. We have a serious mob scene on Halloween, kids lined up down the sidewalk, me throwing Tootsie Rolls at children and hoping to hit bags.

See, I told you it was crazy. I didn't buy nearly as much candy as I usually do, because you know, handing out candy in such a furious manner really cuts into my drinking time.

PB and I did the whole cowboys and Indians thing again this year, revived from junior year of college.

halloween 010

So after handing out candy, we had a good old-fashioned redneck garage party, at which I drank entirely too much "Cherry Lemon Sundrop Modified." CLSM = Sundrop (Google it if you're not fortunate enough to have it), cherry Sno-Kone syrup, fresh lemons, and VODKA. Delicious (and I don't normally even drink vodka, but that's a story for another day.)

The BFFs came, BFFLia dressed as a cat and her husband was Chandler from Friends - y'all remember that episode?

halloween 027

We played left/right/center, which might be most fun game ever, involving the least skill ever. Basically, you play with three dollars (not the lame-ass chips they give you) and you just take turns rolling the dice. If you roll:

L - pass one dollar to the person on the left

R- pass one dollar to the person on the right

C- put one dollar in the center (it doesn't ever come back out)

Dot - keep your dollar!

The object is to be the person with the last dollar in play (as in, not in the center.) If you are, you win the pot!

Please look at my face. Can we all tell I had a little too much fun?

halloween 037

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